Taaleri invests in Tracegrow, a company producing organic fertiliser from used batteries – the funds will be used to expand production and support the company’s internationalisation

TAALERI PLC                PRESS RELEASE                22 JUNE 2021 AT 9:10 (EEST)

Taaleri invests in Tracegrow, a company producing organic fertiliser from used batteries – the funds will be used to expand production and support the companys internationalisation

Taaleri Investments Ltd invests EUR 1.5 million in Tracegrow Oy, a Finnish company producing organically certified fertiliser from used batteries. Tracegrow intends to use the proceeds from the private placement to build a second production line in Kärsämäki. The new production line will expand both the company’s production capacity and product portfolio. The involvement of Taaleri will also support the company’s goal of internationalisation.

Tracegrow’s fertiliser products are based on the separation of metals from used recycled alkaline batteries and, potentially in the future, also from industrial side streams. These liquid fertilisers bring to the fields the metals and trace elements that plants need to grow, with proven benefits for crop productivity. Tracegrow’s fertilisers have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to products from the conventional fertiliser industry.

The investment has been made in cooperation with Taaleri Bioindustry and is part of Taaleri Investments’ updated operating model, in which the company supports Taaleri’s core businesses with its investments. Taaleri Bioindustry systematically invests in sustainable and resource-efficient materials production on an industrial scale. The partnership opens up the possibility of the future first private equity fund of Taaleri Bioindustry to finance Tracegrow’s future plant investments.

“We are extremely pleased that Taaleri Investments, together with Taaleri Bioindustry, has been given the opportunity to participate in Tracegrow’s private placement. Participation in the placement will support the growth of an innovative Finnish company and enable the future expansion of production, including outside Finland,” says Robin Lindahl, CEO of Taaleri Group.

“We at Tracegrow are delighted with Taaleri Investments’ decision to support our growth. We also appreciate Taaleri Bioindustry’s contribution and strong financial and process expertise in helping us build our future production lines,” says Kaisa Hietala, Chair of Tracegrow’s Board of Directors.

Taaleri Group’s vision is to be a Nordic forerunner in alternative investments focusing on sustainability. Taaleri uses its private equity funds to create, for example, wind and solar power, biofuels and affordable rental housing.

Additional information:
Jorma Alanne, Managing Director, Taaleri Investments, +358 50 68 865
Tero Saarno, Director, Bioindustry, Taaleri Plc, +358 50 373 1923
Mikko Joensuu, CEO, Tracegrow, +358 50 581 3267

Taaleri in brief

Taaleri is a Nordic investment and asset manager with an emphasis on renewable energy and other alternative investments. We channel capital towards economically profitable undertakings that have a lasting positive impact on the environment and society. We have been a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) since 2010. Our vision is to be a Nordic pioneer in alternative investments focusing on sustainability.

Taaleri has two business segments: Private Asset Management and Strategic Investments. Private assets management consists of renewable energy, real estate. bioindustry and infrastructure businesses. The Strategic Investments segment consists of Garantia Insurance Company Ltd.

Taaleri has EUR 1.7 bn of assets under management in its private equity funds and co-investments. The company has approximately 120 employees. Taaleri Plc is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.


Tracegrow in brief

Tracegrow Oy is the leading cleantech company for waste recycling located in Finland, driving the development of Circular Economy based on its patent protected breakthrough technology and low carbon products. Tracegrow already sells its products worldwide in 15 countries and commercial scale production has been running since 2019. Tracegrow pioneers in purifying metals from waste streams and creating a safe and sustainable way for returning them to nature.

Tracegrow has established a revolutionary and fully automated process to convert black mass from alkaline batteries into a sustainably produced fertilizer solution with high CO2 reduction potential. Thanks to our ground-breaking technology, up to 90 percent of the trace elements in alkaline batteries can be reused. The end result, ZM-Grow™, is approved for organic farming in the EU, UK and Australia.


Siri Markula, Head of Communications and IR, tel. +358 40 743 2177, siri.markula@taaleri.com