Gold River Productions (GRPS) announces distribution plans and finalization of R&D for three unique-formulation supplements: Inflammaplex, Painplex and Energyplex

Palm Coast, Florida, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gold River Productions (OTC Pink: GRPS), through its distribution partner, All Star Health Brands Inc, expects to commence distribution and sales of three of its unique-formulated supplements as well as the first set of products within its long-awaited gummy line. This distribution will expand to certain international markets within the next six months. Ongoing discussions are in place with Jamaican and US distributors. Other markets may include Canada and parts of Latin America.

“We are excited to finally commence the sales and distribution process,” says Richard Goulding, MD, Chairman of the board of GRPS. “This, of course, is just the start. Our supplier was diligently perfecting packaging for delivery of each final product. Now that we have our first packaged products, we can start to ramp up production and purchase orders.”

Gold River is now also working with Eden Labs to ensure the quality of its products. Eden labs is not just any lab, it is the only one that truly understood the unique formulations and respected the quality aspect of the products of Gold River Productions. After months of interviewing several production facilities, Eden emerged as the only one that Gold River Productions truly felt could make these concepts come to life in a satisfactory manner.

Gold River can now commence marketing of its three long-awaited nutraceutical formulations, in addition to the gummy products. Dr. Goulding explains “The beauty of these products is the immediacy of response. The Energyplex formulation is truly amazing. I’ve tried this with an early formulation and the energy boost without sugar and caffeine was substantial. However, the taste of the herbs was unpleasant. In capsule form we’ve eliminated the negative taste.” Painplex works in conjunction with the Raspberry Relief Gummy, and the Inflammaplex is a powerful formula designed for daily use.

*Note: These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. We make no claims that these or any of our products are cures or treatments for any disease.

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About Gold River Productions Inc., GRPS: 
Gold River will focus on market-targeted products including, but not limited to rare cannabinoids and effective products where a particular need is identified.  Products for pain relief, sleep, etc. that will be distributed through convenience stores, independent pharmacies and some proprietary products through physicians.


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