Vendetta’s strategic investment in the promising Cardano Platform, VENT.


MAHE, Seychelles, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vendetta Capital is delighted to announce its investment in Ventup – IDO Launchpad for high-growth potential projects powered by Cardano.

Ventup Concept

As the core part of the Vent ecosystem, Ventup, the community-based Launchpad for game-changers, is building the gateway towards a truly inclusive global platform that puts simplicity, inclusiveness, and security as precedence. The Vent team defines the Vent ecosystem as an all-in-one platform, including a Swap and Marketplace platform in the future, building on top of the Ventup Launchpad.

Key features of Ventup

Ventup is a platform where founders can share blockchain projects with communities that will join forces to fund them. With simplicity at its core, the Vent team strives to make the user journey as efficient and painless as possible by improving every component involved, from design to customer support, wallet and API integrations, and a one-time frictionless KYC.

The community can browse a variety of verified project listings as they interact with their creators and are naturally empowered to select those with the highest growth potential. These projects gain traction within the ecosystem and are vetted by hundreds of users before they even reach the IDO stage. This scalable and decentralized way of upvoting projects rewards well-informed investors that utilize the platform’s due diligence tools and provides value to the rest of the community.

Why is Cardano important to Ventup?

Cardano ($ADA) is a well-known blockchain ecosystem with a strong community. The adoption of smart contracts on Cardano (scheduled for Q3 2021) will increase Cardano's attractiveness and provide a wide range of use cases.

This potential of Cardano will provide Ventup to capture a new era of the blockchain ecosystem:

  • Fast Transactions

  • Scalability and sustainability

  • Built-in security

  • Interoperability

  • Engaged Community

  • Truly Decentralized

A brief overview of the $VENT token

Since Vent is building an all-inclusive platform, the project has a solution for liquidity for newly launched projects with Fixed Pools solutions for its own decentralized exchange (DEX) which has interoperable cross-chain swaps.

The $VENT token stands in the heart of this ecosystem and will be utilized for:

  • Ecosystem Governance

  • Network Transaction Fees

  • Staking

  • Liquidity Mining

Vent intends to launch an MVP of their launchpad on the Polygon network first, followed by the $VENT Token Generation Event, which will be announced in Q2 2021. The team intends to build a bridge between Polygon and Cardano after the smart contracts are released and implemented on the Cardano blockchain, eventually going through with a full migration of the platform.

Vent platform will be fully functional by Q4 2021 with the release of Ventup 2.0 and a Beta of VentSwap DEX according to their roadmap.

About Vent Finance

Vent is empowering startups and investors with the technology that supports sustainable growth. The Vent team works to make decentralized funding simple and accessible as they believe in financial inclusion and an economy where innovation can benefit society as a whole.

Combining simplicity, security, and transparency, they are determined to reset the world’s expectations of what a decentralized Launchpad is and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi space and crypto ecosystem.

About Vendetta Capital

Vendetta invests, leads, and helps projects to accelerate developing novel solutions to address the core issues of scalability, privacy, and interoperability for decentralized protocols and applications.

Vendetta Capital has become one of the leading investors in the blockchain venture capital ecosystem with its experience, wide network around the world, and effective strategic competencies that can analyze the innovative expectations of the market in-depth and transfer these capabilities to successful projects it invests in.

With these approaches, Vendetta has invested in many successful and game-changer projects such as Jenny Dao, Linear Finance, HOPR, WOO Trade, Archer Dao, Unilend, Bridge Mutual, and Alliance Block.

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