eureKARE and DNAlytics Establish Partnership to Develop a Proprietary AI Platform

eureKARE and DNAlytics Establish Partnership to Develop a Proprietary AI Platform

Unique AI platform to provide eureKARE with a leading edge to help develop and scale its portfolio companies in the microbiome and synthetic biology spaces

Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium – 6 July 2021: eureKARE ("the Company"), a pioneering new company focused on financing and building next generation biotechnology companies in the disruptive fields of the microbiome and synthetic biology, today announces an agreement with DNAlytics, a Belgium-based company applying data sciences to healthcare, to develop eureKARE’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, to support its Biotech start-up studios, eureKABIOME, to be based in France and eureKASYNBIO, to be based in Belgium.

Contrary to traditional start-up incubation models, which start with novel science and then try to identify a problem to solve with it, eureKARE’s approach flips this on its head. eureKARE is focused on first identifying the unmet need and then engaging the top scientists and researchers to identify an innovative solution, to eventually establish exciting new ventures.

eureKARE’s unique AI platform will support this process, helping the company identify the leading academic researchers, locate new ideas and approaches in development, and help scale existing portfolio companies.

Serge Pampfer, Chief Scientific Officer at eureKARE, commented: This new and powerful AI tool will provide eureKARE with a competitive edge and be the most efficient way for us to support and build out our compelling portfolio of companies in the synthetic biology and microbiome spaces. DNAlytics was our preferred partner for this exciting next generation AI platform due to its extensive experience supporting healthcare AI and we look forward to working with them.

Rodolphe Besserve, Chief Executive Officer at eureKARE, echoed: eureKARE was founded to build bridges between academia and big pharma, and we believe this new AI platform will help us to identify and develop new exciting ventures faster and in a more targeted way.”

Thibault Helleputte, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DNAlytics, added: “This innovative project will demonstrate the central role that AI is increasingly playing in the identification and prioritization of promising life sciences projects. We are delighted to support the development of eureKARE’s AI platform and to develop a novel way to connect top scientists with exciting research projects, and visionary investors.”

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About eureKARE
eureKARE is a pioneering new company focused on financing and building next generation biotechnology companies in the cutting-edge fields of the microbiome and synthetic biology. eureKARE has a two-step investment approach to deliver long-term value creation. The Company supports translational research by creating and financing new companies out of high value European science through its biotech start-up studios eureKABIOME (Microbiome) and eureKASYNBIO (Synthetic biology). The Company also intends to invest in more mature biotech companies and will systematically propose to offer some liquidity to early investors, thereby addressing a critical need in the European biotech field. Guided by its influential founder, Alexandre Mouradian, and a pan-European team, eureKARE has a rapidly growing portfolio of companies that have the potential to disrupt the life sciences industry.  

eureKARE is headquartered in Luxembourg, with a presence in France & Belgium. For more information visit: and follow us on LinkedIn.

About DNAlytics

DNAlytics is located in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and provides data science expertise for the healthcare industry, including data management, bio-informatics, bio-statistics, extending to Machine Learning and other Artificial Intelligence techniques. DNAlytics solutions are used in clinical research, in the development of biotech drugs and medtech devices, in public health analyses and for the monitoring and enhancement of bio-manufacturing processes. DNAlytics helps various clients and partners extract scientifically robust observations and actionable conclusions from their complex data sets.

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