MEXC Global Offers High-Quality Projects and Reliable Service

SINGAPORE, July 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MEXC Global offers its customers a wide range of excellent crypto services and a limitless trading experience. The Singapore-based exchange has emerged as the best one-stop solution in the crypto space, offering spot and derivatives and trading.

Most importantly, MEXC has built a reputation in the crypto-verse for making the best efforts to offer top-quality projects that the platform’s engineers have thoroughly screened. This strategy has immensely helped in the exchange’s push to expand its trading services into the global market; MEXC has expanded its services to over 200 countries and regions so far.

The platform is also known for good conduct, such as swift customer support and reliability. MEXC also avoids practices such as token dumping and other such issues.

MEXC: A Market Leader in Global Compliance

The MEXC team strives to offer its users dependable, reliable services and secure projects while ensuring their funds remain protected at all times.

The leading crypto exchange continues to pursue its global compliance strategy by providing the best crypto services in multiple jurisdictions within the compliance structure permitted by law.

MEXC stands as the exchange with the most global compliance licenses, including Canadian MSB, Swiss VQF, Estonian MTR, and US MSB licenses. The trading platform plans to continue seeking compliance with regulators in new jurisdictions as it pursues its goal of global adoption.

The Singapore-based trading platform is also committed to enhancing its payment compliance. To this end, it recently entered a strategic partnership with Simplex and Banxa, leading payment processing firms operating in Europe and Southeast Asia, respectively.

The MEXC Investor Protection Fund

The MEXC team has incorporated an investor protection fund to serve as an insurance policy in case of any technical abnormality that affects the trading platform. Though such exceptions are sporadic, the team took the safe approach to set some funds aside that would be used to reimburse affected users.

Besides reimbursing lost funds, the exchange’s team adds a personal touch by emailing all affected users to offer support.

MEXC Global: The Trail-blazing Financial Service Provider

MEXC is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange that provides investors with quality trading services. It also offers other benefits such as time deposits, token circulation, deposit and withdrawal contests, and more.

The exchange currently supports over 850 digital assets and continually seeks to add more coins to its innovation zone. MEXC is continuously adding trustworthy tokens, thus always pushing limits forward and offering unlimited possibilities and opportunities to all its crypto community.

Tokens like Polygon (MATIC), ByteNext (BNU), Shiba Inu (SHIBA INU) and Kishu Inu (KISHU) are now available to trade on MEXC.

MEXC also has extended support for two of the most popular USDT and USDC on the Algorand chain in what was a landmark moment for USDT and USDC accessibility to users worldwide.

Algorand is a fast, scalable proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain that offers near-instant settlement and lower transaction fees than Ethereum. The integration of USDT and USDC Algorand versions on MEXC will enable users to trade their preferred USD-pegged coin on their favourite global exchange. Trading of these market-leading coins is expected to be in the top 3 in the entire blockchain-based network.

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