New Research Demonstrates Significant Benefit of Meru Health Program even for Patients with Severe Depressive Symptoms

Meru Health Research Published in Internet Interventions Shows Effectiveness of its Therapist-Supported, Evidence-Based Mobile Health Program even for patients with moderately-severe and severe levels of depressive symptoms

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Meru Health, which provides the most comprehensive online mental health solution for depression, burnout and anxiety, announced today its new research that was just published in Internet Interventions.

In the study, Meru Health examined whether 218 patients with at least moderately severe depressive symptoms experienced reductions in depressive symptoms after participation in a therapist-supported, evidence-based mobile health intervention, the Meru Health Program. Patients with moderately severe and severe depressive symptoms at pre-program assessment experienced significant decreases in depressive symptoms at end-of treatment. Also, 34% of patients with at least moderately severe depressive symptoms at baseline and 29.9% of patients with severe depressive symptoms at baseline responded, as defined by a 50% reduction in symptoms plus an end PHQ-9 score lower than 10 on the commonly used PHQ-9 scale (the cutoff for clinical levels of depression). Furthermore, the study shows that these results are sustained 3-months and 6-months post-treatment.

“We are very encouraged by the results of the study as depression has become a serious global crisis,” said Valerie Hoffman, the Chief Research Officer at Meru Health. “There have been a multitude of digital health interventions appearing in the market during the past year, however, the effectiveness of these solutions for the severely depressed population is an ongoing challenge. This study is a benchmark for future research about mobile health interventions that can beat the standard of care in both effectiveness and accessibility for treating depression, including those experiencing more severe levels of depressive symptoms."

The full research report which will appear in the September 2021 issue of Internet Interventions can be accessed here.

Meru Health’s highly scalable solution allows a therapist to treat up to 6 times the patient load than with standard therapy and helps to close the provider gap. The treatment program can be accessed anytime and anywhere via a smartphone app. Each participant is supported by a personal, licensed therapist who guides them through the 12-week online program and helps them to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety effectively.

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