Sway TV: Shopatainment that Inspires, Educates, and Entertains

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In less than eight months, Sway TV has garnered 11 million views, live-streamed over 1,500 hours, and generated nearly $10 million in retail sales for Amazon. Those are impressive statistics for a young digital network that is surrounded by fierce competition. Why is Sway TV holding its own and drawing in so many viewers? The answer lies in its innovative programming: as a leading digital network on the Amazon Live Shopping video platform, Sway TV streams multiple times a day what is known as “shopatainment TV.”  Viewers are treated to everything from interviews with personalities from around the world, to dating advice, to exciting giveaways, to deals on Amazon products. It is all found on Sway TV, and as more people tune in, the network is fulfilling its mission: to help its viewers discover products as well as be inspired, educated, and entertained. 

Shopping with Sway TV: Conversational Commerce 

As a pioneer in the Live Interactive Shopping industry, Sway TV is a premier channel on the Amazon Live Platform and provides online shoppers with a new, innovative source of product information, including recommendations and reviews. Those who come to the site will find shopping inspiration, and in many cases, they will enjoy deals on great items they can buy from Amazon. For anyone who is unable to watch a live-stream shopping show because of their busy schedule, replays are available on Sway TV’s site, http://swaytv.com, where a viewer can “Shop the Show” with all the confidence they get from being an Amazon customer.

Exciting Giveaways for Sway TV’s Viewers

Everyone loves to receive free products, but Sway TV takes it to a higher level. Forget about a random name being chosen from a chat box. Instead, show hosts play games with viewers, making Sway TV’s giveaways even more entertaining and interactive. You’ll also find some incredible products being gifted to shoppers for free. Along with its production partner Battle Shop Live, Sway TV is the only channel on Amazon Live to give four (very) lucky winners the coveted PlayStation 5 and has given away the most prizes on the platform to date. That alone is a reason to tune in each day, don’t you think?

Interviews with Global Personalities

Sway TV does not stop with great prizes on Amazon products and giveaways. It also  entertains its viewers with daily live interviews with worldwide personalities who share their passions and life lessons with Sway TV’s hosts via live, in-studio interviews as well as via Zoom. The result is a growing entertainment content platform that is powered by Amazon, allowing viewers to listen to inspiring content while completing their online shopping.

Sway TV’s Accomplishments

Founded in December 2020 by Andrew Waldman, Sway TV is the largest streamer on Amazon Live as measured by live-streaming hours and is the first digital network to stream live on location from an Amazon retail store. Additionally, via its Shark Tank interview series, Sway TV has interviewed more than a dozen Shark Tank-funded companies as well as Clay Newbill, the Executive Producer of the show, and Mindy Zemrak, its Supervising Casting Producer. Sway TV also actively works with brands to create brand awareness and generate sales, including Govee, Lexar, Vitamix, Lotus Linen, and MitoQ.

Background of Sway TV and Shopatainment

Andy, a Wall Street veteran turned entrepreneur, started Sway TV to bring a unique blend of conversation and product discovery to the world of live interactive shopping, as he felt this needed to happen in today’s ever-evolving e-commerce ecosystem. Andy understood that live video e-commerce is the predominant form of marketing in China and believed that this trend is at the precipice of being a dominant marketing vehicle in the West, especially in the United States. Today, he is helping to make Sway TV the leader in conversational commerce, powered by Amazon Live.

Sway TV: Changing the Entertainment and Shopping Experience

Sway TV represents the best of two worlds: online shopping with the world’s largest e-commerce platform as well as carefully created content that appeals to a large audience. Sway TV has tapped into a growing viewership that demands excellent deals as well as entertaining shows. Why not check it out yourself and see why millions of viewers have tuned in to it?

Andy Waldman