eQuest Expands Local Diversity and Inclusion Job Posting Network to Reach More Remote Candidates

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eQuest today announced the expansion of its local job diversity network. This expansion allows eQuest customers to increase the size of its job posting footprint within local job posting communities.

As the employment market has radically shifted since the Covid-19 epidemic, more and more candidates’ desire to work-from-home.

eQuest presently focuses its posting on those candidates living within a 50-mile square radius of the job location. The expansion now gives companies - not only a national and regional diversity presence, but now includes the ability to widen that focus locally from 50 miles to a 100-150 square radius of the job.

The upgrade is available now and can be added on to current services.

About eQuest

With its global reach, eQuest posts jobs to any posting destination in the world, reaching over 180 countries and territories and thousands of job posting destinations worldwide. eQuest also provides comprehensive candidate source tracking analysis for evaluating job board performance, job board negotiating services, and OFCCP/Diversity support. eQuest is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resource industry. eQuest is located at www.equest.com and is celebrating its 27th year in business.



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