Patrick Avard (AKA CheerMusicPro) Awarded Gold Record for 2021 USASF World Champions

Patrick Avard, (AKA CheerMusicPro) competitive cheer’s most sought-after producer and founder of leading cheer music company New Level Music has been awarded the Gold Record for his medaling song contributions to the 2021 USASF World Champions. Producing hit songs for teams as CheerMusicPro, Patrick Avard’s custom tracks help seven teams become world champions, with 16 others taking home silver or bronze medals.

Atlanta, Georgia, July 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cheerleading music producer Patrick Avard has been awarded a gold record for his musical contributions to multiple World Championship teams at the USASF 2021 Cheerleading Worlds. Producing custom cheer music under the artist name CheerMusicPro, Patrick Avard produced mixes for seven gold medalists, seven silver medalists, and nine bronze medalists.

In addition, Patrick Avard’s cheer music production company New Level Music once again raised the bar for cheerleading music by setting the company’s all-time performance record, producing music for 41 out of 63 total World medalists. Altogether, New Level Music’s talented producers wrote the hard-hitting tracks for fourteen World Championship teams such as, Top Gun TGLC and Stingray Orange.

Patrick Avard and New Level Music’s producers receive the Gold Record award as the production studio begins booking sessions with elite teams across the nation for the 2021-2022 season. The company also recently announced options for teams seeking high-quality premade cheer mixes, complete with custom voiceovers, through

“I am so incredibly humbled to be presented with this reward, and I am equally proud of the talented music producers that I work with every day at New Level Music,” said music producer Patrick Avard. “We love producing music for the best teams in the world, and we are excited for what’s next, including releasing new cheer music later in the year and adding to the catalogue of premade cheer music on”

About Patrick Avard
Patrick Avard is an entrepreneur and top music producer for the competitive cheerleading industry. Known by his producer name CheerMusicPro Avard has helped establish cheer music as its own genre and has popularized the music of the sport to an outside market. With his team at New Level Music in Atlanta, Georgia, Patrick Avard continues to expand the footprint of music production in the cheer industry and crafts custom-tailored mix tracks for the largest cheer programs in the United States.



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