Priori Adds Legal Technology, Innovative Law Companies to its Legal Marketplace Platform; Partners With LawGeex, Factor and QuisLex

NEW YORK, July 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Priori, the legal technology platform transforming the way in-house teams find and engage outside counsel, announced that it is adding innovative legal technology companies and legal services providers to its global legal marketplace.

In addition to finding lawyers at law firms of all sizes, Priori clients can now access a range of “New Law” and legal technology options. At launch, Priori has partnered with three leading companies that serve distinct market needs with unique approaches:

  • LawGeex, the industry’s first AI-powered contract review automation solution, empowers legal teams to mitigate risk, reduce costs and cut contract review time by 80%. Only LawGeex can review contracts with speed and unmatched accuracy by combining patented AI that has been taught to understand the highly nuanced language of contracts with the expertise of commercial attorneys to automate and accelerate contract review and negotiation.

  • Factor, the leader in solutions for complex legal work at scale, combines the expert legal resourcing and market know-how of Traditional Law, with the process efficiency, smart legal technology, and data-driven project management of New Law. Factor deploys more than 650 lawyers, legal specialists, technologists and consultants to help the world transact better.

  • QuisLex is an award-winning legal services provider that specializes in managed document review, contract management, compliance services, legal spend management, and legal operations consulting. QuisLex’s full-time highly trained attorneys, process experts, legal technologists, statisticians and linguists work closely with our clients to reduce cost, mitigate risk and maximize efficiency.

Priori’s mission is to use data and technology to create the world’s first transparent market for legal services. Adding new types of providers to Priori’s platform is an important step in creating inter-provider transparency and driving the legal industry toward a true “right-solution” model. Priori will continue to integrate additional innovative services and technology companies to its network on an ongoing basis.

Priori clients will have a unique opportunity to compare traditional solutions versus new legal solutions on a one-to-one basis using its platform. Clients will use Priori’s same structured RFP process to submit requests and can select whether they’d like to receive proposals from law firms, legal service providers, or both.

“What we’ve seen at Priori is that legal departments don’t go in search of a law firm or legal technology provider—they go in search of solutions,” Priori’s CEO and Co-Founder, Basha Rubin, said. “Priori’s platform will now be able to drive even more value for our clients, as they can compare vetted attorneys, firms and law companies.”

About Priori: Priori offers in-house counsel a vetted, global network of attorneys at firms of all sizes. Using data and technology, Priori rapidly connects legal departments from 1 to 1000+ with the right lawyers and legal service providers and streamlines the engagement process, reducing the cost of legal services for corporate clients by 60% and the time it takes to engage an attorney by 80%.

Vicki LaBrosse
Edge Marketing, Inc.