TELUS secures critically important 3500 MHz spectrum licences

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

16.4 MHz of premium-band spectrum purchased in the auction for $1.95B, bringing combined national holdings to 25 MHz, averaging 40 MHz in our key markets

3500 MHz spectrum will enable TELUS to unleash the full potential of 5G technology for Canadians

Canada’s policy objectives must ensure a fair auction framework for the upcoming 3800 MHz spectrum auction

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TELUS today announced the acquisition of new 3500 MHz spectrum licences in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec at a cost of $1.95 billion. Combined with the spectrum it acquired privately in January 2021, TELUS now holds licences to an average of 25 MHz of 3500 spectrum nationally and 40 MHz in our key markets, at an average price of $2.53 per MHz-pop. These licences will enable TELUS to deliver enhanced mobile 5G broadband connectivity to its customers nationwide. The 3500 MHz band is mid-band spectrum that has become the critical global band for 5G innovation, as it offers the best combination of speed, capacity -- due to its wide channels and improved latency performance -- and coverage.

“TELUS is proud of our storied history of building and operating the world’s best networks, enabled by our talented engineers and technology innovators, complemented by our award winning service that reflects our team’s passion for putting customers first,” said Darren Entwistle, TELUS President and CEO. “Indeed, by securing spectrum critical to bring transformational, next-generation, 5G connectivity to Canadians, TELUS is able to continue to offer the globally leading network speed, coverage and reliability our fellow citizens need to realise improved outcomes in our digital world. Importantly, TELUS’ wireless network being the fastest on a global basis truly matters as it drives the innovation that enables the diversity and competitiveness of our country’s private sector, supporting economic growth and job creation for our nation. It also matters because it helps us answer society’s most pressing social challenges in health, education, food security and climate change, while improving economic equality for the benefit of all Canadians.”

Canada’s 3500 MHz clock auction format drove $8.91 billion in revenue for the Canadian government. In the U.S., carriers paid on average $1.19 per MHz-pop in the Federal Communication Commission’s most recent 5G spectrum auction, which concluded in January. By contrast, Canadian national carriers paid more than 2.8 times as much, at $3.28 per MHz-pop. The results of 5G spectrum auctions around the globe show that international carriers pay much less for this resource than their Canadian counterparts. As a result, the impact of 5G on the Canadian economy will not transpire at the same level as other OECD countries, given our regulatory conditions and spectrum policies.

“Canada’s position as a global leader in broadband networks is vulnerable to burdensome regulations governing access to spectrum. Going forward, if we are to truly benefit all Canadians, accelerate the government’s innovation and affordability agendas, and transition successfully into a 5G digital world, we need responsible, forward looking and predictable regulatory policy that ensures affordable, fair and expeditious access to this national asset so we can continue building our world-leading networks,” said Mr. Entwistle.

In fact, GSMA estimates that the telecom industry will generate over $200 billion in GDP. Notwithstanding, Canada could create, at minimum, an additional $30 billion of GDP if our spectrum policy was aligned with OECD best practices1.

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