Gelato Network Brings Automated Liquidity Management to Zerion’s 200,000+ Monthly Users

Gelato Announces Live G-UNI Pools On Zerion As DeFi Continues Surge

San Francisco, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zerion, a leading investing interface for decentralized finance (DeFi), today announced its integration of the Gelato Network, a protocol that automates smart contract executions on networks like Ethereum. G-UNI, an automated liquidity provision ERC-20 framework for Uniswap v3 , will allow Zerion’s 200,000+ monthly active users to have their Uniswap v3 positions managed automatically to maximize their returns. With this integration, Zerion has become the go-to DeFi aggregator to natively offer fungible Uniswap v3 LP positions at a massive scale.

Volatile markets have produced massive swings in cryptocurrency trading. In May, crypto markets hit all-time highs before losing $1.3 trillion a mere two weeks later. Such volatile markets make it extremely difficult for retail liquidity providers to provide concentrated liquidity on platforms like Uniswap v3 without suffering significant losses, as they would have to constantly rebalance their positions around a new price in order to compete against more sophisticated commercial liquidity providers that can automate that process. 

Dapps powered by Gelato Network address this shortcoming, by allowing users to have the same capabilities as professional liquidity providers by automating the process of fee compounding and rebalancing around the current price. In addition, Gelato Network aims to solve the issues of lacking reliability, sophistication and centralization around dapps that want to offer automated smart contract executions on behalf of their users by providing a plug and play decentralized network of bots which execute these transactions on their behalf. 

With these new G-UNI pools available on Zerion, projects can seamlessly offer new liquidity mining programs aimed at providing capital efficient liquidity that has come to define Uniswap v3.

“Gelato Network is thrilled to work alongside Zerion to offer automated smart contract services within their user-friendly DeFi management platform,” said Hilmar Maximilian Orth, Legendary Member of Gelato Network. “G-UNI makes providing liquidity seamless and automated through bots that automatically reinvest fees, automatically rebalance ranges to maximize liquidity depth, while making liquidity provider positions fungible, similar to how Uniswap v2 LP positions work.”

Zerion is one of the most popular aggregators powering DeFi, powering over $750,000,000 in volume and garnering 200,000 monthly active users. Zerion’s agile approach to DeFi allows users to trade all Ethereum-based assets without taking custody of its users' funds. 

"As a leader in the DeFi space, Zerion is committed to offering users the most comprehensive platform for trading," said Evgeny Yurtaev, CEO and co-founder at Zerion. "We believe this integration with Gelato will be massively beneficial to the millions of decentralized finance users, and we will continue to explore integrations that will allow us to deliver the premier DeFi interface.” 

To start, Zerion will allow users to deploy liquidity to 11 pairs which include:


Most recently, Gelato Network launched G-UNI positions within the InstaDapp platform as part of its governance token. 

Zerion and Gelato Network intend to deploy more Uniswap v3 pools so that users can provide liquidity to a whole host of pairs. To begin exploring the capabilities of DeFi within Zerion, visit For more information about automation within DeFi, please see

About Gelato Network:

Gelato Network is a protocol that automates smart contract executions on Ethereum and beyond. They are building the underlying infrastructure enabling reliable automation on top of Ethereum and with it a key part of the Web3 middleware stack, enabling trustless, automated flows of value between all smart contracts and upcoming Layer 2 networks.

Follow them on Twitter, and join the conversation on Telegram.

About Zerion:

Zerion is a DeFi Investment interface that allows users to discover the best opportunities in the market with ease. Currently tracking over 60 protocols, Zerion makes it simple for users to get the most out of their tokens and gives single-transaction access to liquidity pools, automated strategies, and indexes from protocols like Uniswap, Curve, and Balancer,, TokenSets, and others.

To learn more, visit or follow the company on Twitter @zerion_io.


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