Pharmagest Interactive: H1 2021 sales: +20.49% to €93.90m

Villers Les Nancy, FRANCE

                                 Villers-lès-Nancy, 4 August 2021 - 6:00 p.m. (CET)


H1 2021 sales:
+20.49% to €93.90m

  • Growth on track for all Group Divisions.
  • Significant contributions from acquisitions (+€7.86m): PANDALAB, ASCA INFORMATIQUE, PHARMAGEST SERVIZI.
    • Like-for-like revenue of €86.04m, up 10.40%.
  • Confirmation of the Group’s full-year growth targets for 2021.


(€m) 201920202021Change

Q138.1539.0045.27+ 16.09 %
Q238.7338.9348.63+ 24.90 %
Total H1 76.8877.9393.90+ 20.49 %

Pharmagest Group reported consolidated revenue of €93.90m for the six-month period ending 30 June 2021, up 20.49% year-on-year.

On a like-for-like basis (i.e. excluding the acquisitions of PANDALAB and ASCA INFORMATIQUE in 2020 and the creation of the Italian subsidiary PHARMAGEST SERVIZI on 1 February 2021), Pharmagest Group sales rose by 10.40%.

H1 2021 business highlights:

  • The Europe Pharmacy Solutions Division had revenue of €69.83m, up 23.14% from H1 2020.

This Division accounts for 74.37% of total Pharmagest Group revenue.

  • In France, revenue rose 23.99% to €64.13m. ASCA INFORMATIQUE contributed significantly to this performance (+€7.52m). Like-for-like, revenue rose 9.46% to €56.61m.
  • In Italy, sales rose 31.37% to €4.49m on sustained momentum in all business sectors (wholesalers-distributors and pharmacies). The integration on 1 February 2021 of PHARMAGEST SERVIZI (technical installations and training for pharmacists in Northern Italy) contributes to the development of the Italy Pharmacy Business Unit. Like-for-like, the Business Unit’s revenue rose 27.48% to €4.36m.
  • In Belgium, the tentative recovery in business that began in Q1 2021 was confirmed. The Belux Pharmacy Business Unit recorded revenue of €1.21m (or 1.29% of total Group revenue), down 22.86%.
  • The Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division had revenue of €13.79m, up 10.36% from H1 2020.

This Division accounts for 14.68% of total Pharmagest Group revenue.

  • Like-for-like (excluding the acquisition of a majority stake in PANDALAB), revenue rose 8.65% to €13.57m.
  • In parallel with the investments linked to French health sector reforms (Ségur de la Santé) and the economic stimulus plan (“France Relance”) for the digitalisation of the health sector (€19bn, including €2.4bn for the health and social care sector), the French government wished to adopt a new method for allocating resources based on a global approach to healthcare management at a regional level.
  • These new approaches, which slow the decision-making process while waiting for the promised aid, have an impact on revenue for the nursing home sector which remained stable at €7.12m. All the Division’s other business sectors registered gains: revenue from Hospitals grew 12.32% and the Hospital-at-Home sector 25.78%. The Healthcare Establishment and Private Practice Business Unit contributed significantly to the development of this Division with growth in revenue of 39.75%. The strategic partnership signed with ELSAN last April providing for the deployment of PandaLab Pro within the 120 ELSAN health establishments is being gradually implemented.

  • The e-Health Solutions Division had revenue of €8.95m, up 11.21% from H1 2020.

This Division accounts for 9.53% of total Pharmagest Group revenue.

  • The positive momentum which began in Q1 2021 for the Digital Communications Business Unit continued in the period with revenue growth at a good level: +35.81%.
  • The e-Connect Business Unit grew 10.02% even despite a global shortage of electronic components and the resulting supply chain challenges (longer delivery times, price pressures).
  • The deployment of Telemedicine and Frailty Management activities, still impacted by the health crisis with lower growth, is gradually picking up. However, the completion of several equipment projects for NOVIAcare linked to major real estate programmes at the end of the first half signals a very encouraging trend.

  • The Fintech Division had revenue of €1.33m, up 95.47% from H1 2020.

This Division accounts for 1.42% of total Pharmagest Group revenue.

  • This Division was particularly affected in H1 2020 (-11.32%).
  • The Leasa by Nanceo platform’s service offering provides genuine opportunities to the user partners and the relevance and competitiveness of this offering will allow the Division to benefit from the recovery of the financing market.

Significant events occurring after 30 June 2021

After creating the subsidiary PHARMAGEST SERVIZI on 1 February 2021 (technical installations and training for pharmacists in Northern Italy), PHARMAGEST ITALIA is continuing to develop in the country. On 1 July 2021, it accordingly acquired selected assets of ATHESIA SOLUZIONI INFORMATICHE’s wholesale-distribution business (software, customer portfolio, employees).

This acquisition has strengthened PHARMAGEST ITALIA's position by completing its range of software solutions for wholesalers-distributors: GoldenPharm@ (ERP management for pharmaceutical wholesalers), Pharm@Comm (communication platform between pharmacies and the pharmaceutical supply chain), and @lberto (single centralised platform for the management of pharmacy groups).

2021 Outlook

After a very dynamic first half and based on information available to date, Pharmagest Group confirms its target for growth in 2021.

Its policy of accelerating growth through strategic partnerships, securing its market share and developing innovative practices and products should continue to support the positive momentum in the months ahead.

In addition, reflecting the Group’s strategy of targeted external growth, a certain number of acquisitions are expected to be completed in the second half. Finally, in parallel with the rollout of new solutions to support and coordinate all medical professions (pharmacies, nursing homes, in-home nursing, hospital-at-home programmes, local information services for elderly care, multidisciplinary group practices, regional hospital groups, hospitals and private practice physicians), Pharmagest Group will accelerate its strategy of investing in innovation to improve the patient care pathway between the primary and secondary care segments.

Financial calendar:

  • Publication of H1 results: 24 September 2021 (after the close of trading).
  • Presentation of H1 results: 27 September 2021 in Paris.
  • Publication of Q3 2021 sales: 10 November 2021 (after the close of trading).

About Pharmagest Group:

With more than 1,100 employees acting as “Citizens in the Service of Health and Well-Being”, Pharmagest Group is the leading provider of IT solutions for the healthcare sector in Europe through innovative solutions and services for healthcare professionals guaranteeing the efficiency of the healthcare system and improving the patient care pathway.

As a key contributor to the quality of healthcare and coordination between office-based private practice and hospitals, Pharmagest Group is present in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom where it is developing the leading healthcare platform and a single ecosystem for France and Europe bringing the best of technology to the service of people.

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