SIB Fixed Cost Reduction Acquires Sage Management

Charleston, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, one of North America’s largest spend-management consulting firms, announces the acquisition of Sage Management (“Sage”). Since 2004 the world’s largest telecom providers, enterprises and government agencies have entrusted Sage to design, execute and implement comprehensive telecom expense and inventory management solutions to achieve business objectives. The results of Sage’s services have yielded more than $4 billion in hard savings to its customers.  

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction (“SIB”) is the market leader in the vendor management and utilities cost-reduction space. As part of its growth strategy, SIB continues to expand and enhance its service offerings through acquisitions of like-minded companies. Since September 2020 SIB has acquired Cost Control Associates for energy expense management and The Fox Consulting Group for cellular, voice, data/networking, cloud services and credit card processing consulting.

“The addition of Sage to the SIB portfolio of companies will transform SIB’s telecom cost reduction capabilities,” said Kevin Flounders, chief executive officer of SIB. “Combining Sage’s brilliance and cutting-edge services with our go-to-market infrastructure will allow the whole platform to scale more rapidly as SIB continues to expand service offerings and deepen vertical expertise. We look forward to working with the Sage team and executing on our strategy.”

Sage provides best-in-class software-driven solutions that enable its clients to optimize their communications inventory and spend. The company’s proprietary inFuse software automates the process of building an accurate inventory of telecom resources, enhancing network topology and correcting billing inaccuracies. inFuse is the keystone to Sage’s market-leading intercarrier blockchain solution.

“We have spent the last 15 years perfecting our value proposition and have now reached an inflection point,” said Patrick Lowell, chief executive officer of Sage. “The combination of Sage and SIB, driven by strong leadership and a dedicated team, will create new opportunities to scale our services to more customers and address a vastly underserved market.”

About Sage Management
Sage Management provides telecom cost optimization services to clients in the carrier, enterprise and government markets. The company offers its services through its proprietary inFuse software that automates the creation of an optimized inventory of telecommunications assets and is the keystone for its intercarrier blockchain solution. For more information, visit

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction
SIB Fixed Cost Reduction offers shared-savings solutions plus robust vendor-management and utilities service offerings. Having analyzed more than $3 billion in spend across more than 70,000 locations nationwide, SIB has proven its expertise across a wide variety of industries. SIB effectively manages a customer’s third-party expenses by validating line-item invoice details, rectifying billing errors and obtaining best-in-class rates for our clients. The company also specializes in energy solutions that include bill pay, enhanced data management, energy procurement and location open/close services. For more information, visit


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