Aurora Mobile Partners with Credit Card App of China Everbright Bank with Upgraded JPush Integrated Notification Service

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading mobile developer service provider in China, today announced updates on its partnership with Yang Guang Hui Sheng Huo (“Yang Guang App”), the credit card app of China Everbright Bank (“China Everbright”). Leveraging the Company’s JPush integrated notification service (“JPush”), Aurora Mobile helps the credit card unit of China Everbright to integrate its messaging service onto one platform to increase user engagement and reach a larger audience.

In the mobile Internet era, the wide potential reach of apps has changed the way people keep up with breaking news and follow trending topics. Apps have gradually become the main source for users to track what’s relevant to them, allowing a wider audience to keep abreast of digital information and services. This is especially true for financial apps that are intended for secure personal information and not for social purposes. For these apps, notifications have become an excellent way to increase user activity and engage with more existing users.

As the demand continues to grow for personalized services and diversified content, app developers have requested more complex and comprehensive requirements on SDK and notification services. Aurora Mobile continues to provide more secure and reliable services to app developers and operators with its AI-driven JPush solutions.

Faster and more accurate app notifications
According to the “80-20 rule of operation”, users tend to only use about 20% of the functions of an app, and the usage of the remaining 80% normally requires more guidance and awareness of their benefits. App notifications remain the most effective way to provide such guidance and to increase user retention.

Compared with other social applications, it has been observed that the usage trend of financial apps has been closer to the 80-20 rule. In particular, accurate and timely notifications of account status and information stand out as one of the most valued functions within the 20% most used features of an app. In some extreme events, timely reminders of account information can often alert users on any account abnormalities in real-time and reduce financial losses. As a result, financial apps constantly seek more timely, reliable and secure notifications to meet the demand from both financial platforms and users.

JPush solutions address this critical need for financial clients. As an early mover on notification services in China, JPush easily integrates notification services for both Android and iOS systems, and supports multiple vendors in terms of customized notifications onto a single platform. JPush rapidly integrates SDK notifications in 3 minutes and delivers notifications within milliseconds. The use of SMS notifications to supplement JPush, when needed, can effectively improve the delivery rates of messages. At the same time, this tried-and-tested architecture of tens of billions of daily average visits has validated the stability of the service, and meets the huge demand for push notifications to a larger user base in the financial industry.

In addition, notification security is an important part of JPush. The service adopts customized encryption standard in compliance with SM2, a public key cryptographic algorithm most widely used for electronic authentication. With financial-grade security protection, JPush greatly reduces the risk of hijacking of highly sensitive information. Taking the example of Yang Guang App, the Credit Card App of China Everbright, JPush has customized a notification review mechanism to ensure that all notifications sent from the platform are reviewed and confirmed twice, so as to ensure the accuracy of messages and avoid sending errors.

Accurate push notifications for higher sales conversion rates
It is not uncommon for financial app developers to spend the majority of manpower and financial resources to maintain their notification services, but user activities and retention rates often do not reflect the high input value. There has also been rising needs for personalized notifications that optimize targeted marketing strategies to promote higher sales conversion rates. Users want to view the latest and most relevant information at a glance.

As one of the leading domestic credit card apps in China, Yang Guang App offers a wide range of customer loyalty and reward programs for its customers. To make it less time consuming for users to screen and check the applicability of each program, JPush addresses this problem by leveraging its accurate user profile capabilities and post-performance analysis of notifications, as well as its years of experience in the industry. JPush also helps developers continuously optimize notification strategies, refine app iterations and personalize smart notifications. By improving the click-through rates and conversion rates of notifications, the upgraded JPush effectively eliminates invalid information sent to users. For example, by combining user profiles and user preferences, JPush yields more detailed customer segmentation to cater to personalized experiences, increase reliance and improve user retention rates on an app.

Compared with undifferentiated traditional push notifications, the upgraded JPush solutions can improve the cost effectiveness of app notification services. In other words, JPush has been helping clients to engage inactive users through simpler and more effective solutions, thus reducing operational costs and improving efficiency to achieve sustainable business growth.

By consolidating the 20% of the most popular functions and activating the 80% of under-used features, JPush has been helping financial app developers to optimize their notification services by effectively reaching out to targeted users, converting sales, and upgrading services from quantity to quality through continuous iterations and a one-stop solution. In the future, JPush will continue to deepen its penetration into more vertical sectors, provide enhanced products with higher cost efficiency and more customized services to assist clients with innovative strategies and economies of scale.

Aurora Mobile is a leading mobile developer service provider in China. For a decade, Aurora Mobile has focused on meeting the needs of developers and has launched a series of products to help them to improve operational efficiency, drive business growth and monetize services. As of March 2021, Aurora Mobile provided software development kits to over 1.73 million apps. The Company also launched a Unification Messages System (“JG UMS”), which has integrated seven major messaging channels namely mobile apps, WeChat official accounts, WeChat mini-programs, Short Message Service (“SMS”), emails, Fuwu Alipay and DingTalk, and enables enterprise users to reach their target customers more efficiently through one integrated messaging platform.

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