Medigus: Revoltz Commenced Prototype Manufacturing of its Micro-mobility Vehicle

Revoltz Model One is a micro-mobility vehicle for last mile and food delivery.

OMER, Israel, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS), a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies and electric vehicle and charging solutions, announced today that Revoltz, its EV joint venture (19.9% owned), has begun the prototype manufacturing of its micro mobility vehicle.

The production has commenced in China together with Mr. Weijian Zhou, one of Revoltz partners. Weijian Zhou is a manufacturer of high-end scooters, E-mobility and Skiing Machines. Mr. Zhou’s operations are equipped with advanced machining and inspection facilities, an R&D center, and a Training Institute.

Revoltz recently completed the preliminary design and functional prototype of Model One, its micro-mobility vehicle for last mile and food delivery, which is designed to facilitate efficient delivery of smaller items in urban environments while maintaining low and immediate transportation costs.

A three-wheeled chassis with a wide platform design provides maximum safety for the rider as well as complete mobility in imperfect road conditions. The Model One design includes two loading surfaces, front and rear, each of which can be used flexibly with interchangeable modules, depending on the customer’s needs. The model is designed to carry two-and-a-half times the cargo of a traditional scooter.

The newly manufactured prototypes will be used by Revoltz to further advance its development and to approach potential commercial partners.

About Revoltz

Revoltz, a joint venture between Medigus, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Charging Robotics Ltd., and Amir Zaid and Weijian Zhou, the founders of EMuze, is a privately held company that designs and develops electric micro-mobility vehicles. Revoltz’s focus is developing EVs to meet the demands of commercial users and mission-specific designs, including full work day single charge, heavy-duty and rigid operations, Hop-on-Hop-off modes, off-road travel and a low cost of operation.

About Medigus

Based in Israel, Medigus Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDGS) is a technologies company that is focused on innovative growth partnerships, mainly in advanced medical solutions, digital commerce, and electric vehicle markets. Medigus' affiliations in the medical solutions arena consist of ownership in ScoutCam (OTCQB: SCTC), Inc, and Polyzion, LTD. The Company’s affiliates in digital commerce include Gix Internet Ltd. (TASE:GIX), Jeff's Brands and Eventer Technologies, Ltd. In the electric vehicle market, Charging Robotics, Ltd. and Revolz are also part of the Company’s portfolio of technology solution providers. Medigus is traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market. To learn more about Medigus’ advanced technologies, please visit

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