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Noida, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The continuous modification and up-gradation of technology is a major driver of the nurse call systems market. The major players are constantly improving their products in order to improve patient compliance. Advanced technologies such as internet-protocol-based systems and wireless nurse call devices have significantly reduced the margin of error during patient care, increasing consumer trust and propelling the market growth…

A study recently conducted by the strategic consulting and market research firm BlueWeave Consulting revealed that the global nurse call system market was worth USD 1,676.1 millionin 2020 and is further projected to reach USD 3,045.6 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period (2021-2027). The global nurse call system market has grown due to several factors, including the rise of in-home healthcare, a low nurse-to-patient ratio, ease of access, and rising work pressure for nurses.Additionally, the increasing adoption of technology, emphasis on proper patient care, and integration of wireless technology are some other factors propelling the growth of the global nurse call system market.

Integration of Latest Technologies is Driving the Growth of the Global Nurse Call System Market

Integration of technology has made life easier for many people across multiple sectors and industries, including nurses. Nurse call systems can address patient- and staff-flow issues in innovative ways to provide better services to the patients. Nurses can also better manage their work and communicate with others to ensure a smooth operation of functions. Additionally, technology integration has enabled are patient-to-staff voice communications, real-time locating systems (RTLSs), integration of electronic health records, and admitting, discharge, and transfer records of patients.

During the ongoing pandemic, the need for improved communication among nurses has come to the forefront once again. Communication among nurses allows them to handle the rush with higher efficiency while also looking after other patients. Hospitals are now working on integrating real-time algorithms with secure mobile applications that are easy to use, adaptable, and supportable. Companies like TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg. Inc.,Hill-Rom, and Jeron Electronic Systems Inc., have already started providing smartphone applications for better communication with and among nurses. The emergence of ArtificialIntelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is further expected to boost the integration of technology in nurse call systems and drive the growth of the global nurse call systems market during the forecast period.

Low Nurse-to-Patient Ratio is Supporting the Growth of the Global Nurse Call System Market

Every hospitalneeds a sufficientnurse to have a successful healthcare system.A lack of nurses will cause the healthcare system to crumble at a time of need, which was evident with the current pandemic. According to the WHO, the ratio of doctors to the population should be 1 to 1000, whereas the ratio of nurses to the population should be 3 to 1000. According to Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, there is a shortage of around 18,09,757 nurses in India. In addition, according to the WHO's "the state of the world's nursing 2020" report, there was a shortage of around 5.9 million nurses in 2018 with more than 89% of the shortage concentrated in low- and lower middle-income countries.

In light of the fact that nurses account for 51% of all healthcare professionals, the large gap between the required and available nurses places tremendous strain on the healthcare system. Although nurse call systems cannot help in bridging the large gap, they can help in managing available nurses to their full potential. It is expected that the demand for nurse call systems will increase in coming years to enable better management of available nurses. This is expected to fuel the growth of the global nurse call systems market during the forecast period.

Wired CommunicationSegment Held the Largest Share in the Global Nurse Call System Market in 2020

Based on technologies, the global nurse call systems market is segmented into wired communication systems, and wireless communication systems. Wired communication systems dominated the market by holding a significant market share in 2020 due to the system’s consistent security. During the historical period, its ability to be unaffected by poor network connections also contributed to its growth. However, the wireless communication system is expected to register a faster growth rate during the forecast period due to the emergence of 4G and 5G technology, better network availability, integration of the latest technology, and easy access.

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Global Nurse Call System Market: Regional Insights

The global nurse call system market is segmented into five regions: North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. North America held the largest market share in the global nurse call system market in 2020 due to the presence of key market players, high investment in the healthcare sector, the good financial condition of the hospitals, and a significant gap in the number of required nurses. According to the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, the US will register around 1.2 million nurses by 2030 to address the current shortage. On the other hand, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing region during the forecast period due to emerging economies, large populations, increasing per capita incomes, and growing emphasis on the region’s healthcare system.

COVID-19 Impact on Global Nurse Call System Market

The COVID-19-induced pandemic has positively affected the global nurse call system market around the world. The demand for nurse call systems exponentially went up in 2020 due to the sudden outbreak of the pandemic. The scarcity of required nurses, combined with an increase in COVID-19 cases, increased the burden on the available nurses. As a result, the demand for nurse call systems went up as hospitals were unable to cope up with the huge number of patients they were looking after. Temporary hospitals were also established to meet the increased demand for hospital beds and to effectively communicate among themselves and with the patients. As a result, the demand for nurse call systems increased significantly.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand fornurses in the US went up by 26% in 2020. The US is currently witnessing a large shortage of nurses across multiple states including Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, California, and many others. During the second wave of the COVID-19 in the second quarter of 2021, India experienced a severe nurse shortage. As they prepare for the third wave of the COVID-19, more hospitals are looking to integrate nurse call systems. The demand for nurse call systems is expected to go up in coming years amid ongoing shortage of nurses and growing emphasis on better and effective communication with patients and among nurses.

The Leading Players Operating in the Global Nurse Call System Market are Alpha Communications, Rauland-Borg Corporation, Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., Ascom Inc. ,Johnson Controls International, Seimens, Ackermann by Honeywell, Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., Azure Healthcare Limited, Schrack Seconet AG, Intercall Systems, Inc., TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg., Inc.,Cornell Communications,STANLEY Healthcare, Courtney Throne,Tunstall Group, West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc., Critical Alert, IgeaCare Solutions Inc., BEC Integrated Solutions, LLC, CSINC Systems Technologies, Siddhant Medical Engineering, and other prominent players. The key players are looking to provide cost-effective modern solutions to gain the upper hand in the global nurse call system market. The companies are also looking to partner with other companies to leverage their expertise in different areas and to come up with innovative solutions and attract customers for gaining more market share.

Recent Developments intheGlobal Nurse Call System Market

In September 2021, Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc. (CTSI) announced that it had entered a definitive agreement to acquire AFA Protective Systems, Inc. CTSI is a portfolio company of Wind Point Partners. It designs, engineers, installs and maintains highly engineered nurse call, audiovisual, conferencing, collaboration, sound, fire, security, and communication systems. AFA is known for the design, installation, and service of state-of-the-art fire and security systems

In August 2021, Vocera Communications, Inc. announced that McLaren Northern Michigan had deployed Vocera solutions to connect care teams across the hospital. All the members at the hospital are equipped with the VoceraVina smartphone application and the wearable, voice-controlled VoceraSmartbadge to facilitate smooth work. McLaren Northern Michigan has also deployed the Vocera solutions to its new 182,000-square-foot Offield Family Pavilion facility.

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