New Equity Crowdfunding Platform Launches With an Expert Edge

Fundify Enables Almost Anyone to Invest in Next-Gen Startups Alongside Industry Experts

Austin, Texas, Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Online investors across America have a new source for next-gen startup investment deals as Fundify launches. Fundify is a new equity crowdfunding platform that simplifies startup funding for founders and investors alike with streamlined technology and a program to pair startups with industry experts.

Experts may provide startup founders valuable insights to help refine business models, positioning or other strategic elements before the startup’s equity crowdfunding campaign opens. In addition, experts may post comments about the startup’s industry, helping individual investors make informed investment decisions while completing their own due diligence.

“This is an incredible time in the equity crowdfunding market. It’s growing by triple-digit percentages year over year as everyday investors learn they can now invest in startups and founders see how technology is being infused into capital raising, simplifying the process,” says Josh Chodniewicz, founder and CEO of Fundify, Inc. who previously cofounded

Fundify offers an industry-agnostic marketplace and is partnered with key industry groups including Mass Challenge, a leading global accelerator that has worked with startups that have raised more than $8.6 billion.

Fundify recently launched an initial cohort of startups, with some seeking new investors for as little as $10 per investment, opening this investment class to virtually anyone. The first funding campaign, which was for Baby Barista, finished successfully at 300 percent of the initial target amount.

Investors can access additional Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns on Fundify along with preview campaigns for companies that are considering an equity crowdfunding raise. 

Key Fundify features for U.S. investors:

  • No investor fees on the platform
  • Investment minimums as low as $10 per deal, depending on the startup
  • Access to founders, experts and other investors via online communication boards
  • No income minimums for investors
  • Startup information available in one location to simplify investor’s due diligence
  • Early stage investment opportunities from a growing array of industries to enable market-sector diversification
  • User-focused technology that makes it simple to invest in a matter of minutes

Key Fundify features for startups:

  • U.S.-based companies can raise up to $5 million a year via Regulation Crowdfunding initially from U.S. investors
  • Proprietary technology to simplify required document filings
  • Success-based model with no upfront fees charged by Fundify
  • A growing ecosystem of experts, accredited and nonaccredited investors, angel groups, accelerators, incubators and venture capitalists along with other Fundify partners
  • Access to a robust professional partner program that saves startups money

Potential investors and entrepreneurs can learn more by signing up for free at

About Fundify

Fundify is a tech-driven equity crowdfunding marketplace that enables almost anyone to invest in next-gen startups alongside industry experts. We simplify startup funding by pairing startups with industry experts in their respective fields and leveraging on-demand analytics and time-saving APIs.

Fundify is the brand name of a group of companies that is owned by Fundify, Inc., which includes Fundify Portal, LLC. Fundify Portal, LLC is an SEC-registered funding portal and a member of FINRA. Fundify Portal, LLC offers investments to everyone 18 years of age or older under Title III, Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF). Investing involves the risk of loss. Investments may be illiquid, and there may not be a secondary market to sell any particular investment.

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