Greed Mu$ic by Grammy Award Winning Producers & Song Writers, Cool & Dre is set to Launch on Cardano (ADA) Blockchain.

Grammy Award winning producers Cool & Dre teamed up with crypto developer Peter Parente the first crypto music label, Greed Mu$ic. $Greed is one of the Cardano Blockchain's most anticipated launches.

Miami, FL, Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- $GREED fueled by Greed Mu$ic, the first crypto music label is set to be one of the first smart contracts to launch on the long awaited Cardano (ADA) blockchain. Ethereum led the way with their smart contracts, but the associated fees for transactions were 2-3 times higher than the transaction amounts on smaller transactions making it tougher on the smaller investors to trade on the Ethereum blockchain. Binance stepped into the space with extremely low fees, but that quickly turned the Binance blockchain into the wild west of crypto where more scams were launching than real ones. Finally the crypto world has what they have been waiting for after the successful completion of the Alonzo Hard Fork. Charles Hoskins one of the original Ethereum founders of Ethereum finally gets to truly showcase his vision with the launch of the new smart contracts. Many experts consider the Cardano ecosystem superior to any other and even still way ahead of its time. Bitcoin may always be considered the gold standard of cryptocurrency, but the utility provided by Cardano may prove ADA to be the most important player in crypto.

$GREED’s Greed Mu$ic with Grammy Award winning producers Cool & Dre and lead developer Peter Parente (Captain Awesome) will be selling collectible music NFT’s of your favorite music artists. Songs and versions of chart toppers that have never before been heard will now be available as collectible music NFTs. When albums are produced there are several different versions of the art submitted, but only one was chosen for the cover and now the additional versions will be available as collectibles as well. You will be able to watch live streams of your favorite recording artists working in the Greed Music studios with NFT VIP access keys, see impromptu performances and major concerts live in the Metaverse. Once the token is launched we will announce the start of our contest to find the first recording artist for the for Greed Mu$ic. Its will be the crypto world version of American Idol where the community will be involved and the whole thing will be live streamed and documented to share with the world all the way from the beginning of the submissions to the making of the Artist with Greed Music.

The Ecosystem will also include farms, staking pools, a multichain NFT Marketplace and a major Metaverse build in Decentraland. The Metaverse project will include the additions of NFT wearables, drivables and NFT keys that will give you VIP access to certain areas in $Greed’s virtual world. Greed$wap will also be one of the first exchanges to launch on the Cardano blockchain putting it in position to be a major competing DEX. Greed’s pup, $BabyDogeInu is also part of the ecosystem known as the HODL token will be supported with a buy back feature from greed as well as other utility. The Baby Doge Inu game showcasing all the $GREED NFTs is soon to launch as well.

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