The New Global Breakthrough App Rhino Emancipation Launched

Rhino Research LLC will offer free webinars all week starting 20th of September 2021, while releasing Rhino Emancipation, a marketing groundbreaking app. Anyone interested in online business or just simply interested in making money online, by just simply using it, should RSVP to this webinar.

New Orleans, United States, Sept. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rhino Research LLC will offer free webinars all week starting 20th of September 2021 titled “Rhino Week – Distributive Marketing, Is This for Real?” Webinars will cover the topic of increasing costs in online marketing, along with how to increase efficiency and conversion rates using a new method.

Anyone who wants to make money online could benefit from this. Consumers are also welcome since this new method will be highly beneficial to them as well.

At the webinar, they will introduce their innovative app Rhino Emancipation, which will launch the next generation of digital marketing platforms. Rhino Emancipation pays everyone, unlike current platforms. Current platforms (all big and established ones) act as middlemen, collecting money from businesses for marketing, to sell them someone else’s data.

From September 20th to 26th, they will be launching the app called Rhino Emancipation. It has been purposefully kept secret, and no additional information will be shared until next week. Anthony Calascione, the founder, will host ten live global events.

It is not yet known if the webinars will be available for replay. So it is best that anyone interested joins live. But in case they miss it, they should check the page on the below link.

All that is known is that every company will get its own mobile app, while every non-business owner will get the community app, which pays registered users cash, stock, and coins on the first day of every month. Furthermore, all these participants will own part of the company immediately.

The platform is inviting new partners as this is the ground floor launch of the Rhino Emancipation app. Those who apply for partnership will receive 20% a month, for life, on all advertising spent by any business for the foreseeable future. It is not to be confused with the establishment of a business, as anyone can invite others to be compensated for free. If those individuals establish their own business later on, then the referred party benefits.

Imagine collecting 20% of Facebook and/or Google ad spend simply by becoming an initial partner. Many have, and this time it will be possible for anyone registering for the app.

It is super easy to register for the platform; interested stakeholders can RSVP to book a spot for free on the webinar via this link.

Anthony Calascione will lead the presentation and says this webinar is a chance to hear from industry leaders about new ways to engage customers and find ways to benefit them. Until now, there has never been such a model. It is a guarantee.

Anyone who registers for the webinar can ask questions live and receive information that is not readily available through other channels.

Anyone interested in learning more about this incredibly innovative Customer Business relationship model can register for free.

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