GigSky First to Launch Cellular Data on the Helium Blockchain

GigSky partners with FreedomFi and CalChip to launch US Nationwide mobile data plan using world’s first blockchain-powered neutral host network

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GigSky, a leading provider of global data connectivity solutions, is partnering with FreedomFi, the open 5G company, and CalChip Connect, the nation's leading IoT distributor, to launch the world's first eSIM based cellular data plan that will utilize CBRS small cell infrastructure deployed by the Helium blockchain community. US Helium nationwide mobile data plan will be broadly available in the GigSky mobile app and will be free to try, exclusively to anybody purchasing their Helium 5G miner from CalChip Connect.

GigSky provides affordable and reliable mobile data coverage in over 190 countries through its GigSky App & eSIM service for iPhone and Android. FreedomFi builds open source software and hardware, which enables hosts of wireless infrastructure to earn Helium cryptocurrency by providing cellular coverage. In collaboration with the Helium community, FreedomFi is working to deploy the largest CBRS neutral host network in the US, projecting to reach over 40,000 CBRS small cells by the end of 2022. GigSky’s US Helium nationwide data plan, soon available through the GigSky app, will be the first and easiest way to try the Helium cellular network in action.

“Using blockchain to quickly deploy small cell infrastructure, allowing hosts to derive a direct economic stake in the cellular networks they power, is very disruptive,” said Ravi Rishy-Maharaj, founder and CEO at GigSky. “It has the promise to bring coverage to many hard to reach locations with superior economics over traditional models. We are excited to be the first connectivity provider to enable our customers to benefit from this innovation.”

The first 5 gigabytes of US nationwide cellular data and unlimited data on self-hosted Helium 5G infrastructure will be available to all members of the Helium community who purchase and deploy the Helium 5G bundle from CalChip Connect and download the GigSky app. The GigSky app will seamlessly roam between its nationwide US network and the Helium-based CBRS offload network, prioritizing the latter where coverage is available, thus optimizing cost to the consumer. As the Helium cellular network expands its coverage over time, it is expected that the cost of cellular data on the network will eventually retail for 50 cents per gigabyte.

“The Helium Network is currently the largest, contiguous LoRaWan network in the world with over a thousand new Hotspots deployed every day and over 175,000 already deployed and active,” said Frank Mong, COO at Helium. “Evolving Helium to an omni-protocol wireless network, starting with 5G CBRS, is the next big milestone for the Helium community. We applaud GigSky for becoming the first to partner with the ecosystem on this journey.”

About GigSky
Founded in 2010, GigSky is a leading provider of global data connectivity solutions across land, sea and air for consumers and businesses. Through the company’s 500+ carrier network, mobile app and GEM Platform, GigSky provides affordable and reliable coverage in over 190 countries and territories, including offshore and inflight coverage. . GigSky’s innovative products include the GigSky App & eSIM service for iPhone and Android, GigSky for iPad, GigSky for Windows 10 Connected PC, IoT and DoD solutions, Enterprise Mobile Data Management solutions and 5G Private Networks. Connect with GigSky on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

About Helium
Helium is a pioneer in decentralized wireless networks. The company developed the world's first peer-to-peer wireless network, the Helium Network, which connects IoT devices to the internet by incentivizing anyone to provide coverage. Co-founded by Shawn Fanning and Amir Haleem and backed by GV, Khosla Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Multicoin Capital, FirstMark, and Marc Benioff, the Network is live today in more than 15,000 cities throughout North America and Europe with expansion into Asia underway. To learn more, please visit

About CalChip
CalChip Connect (CCC) is the nation's leading IoT distributor. Our leadership team combines extensive supply chain management experience with an intimate understanding of the market for connected devices. Our passionate team offers access to the highest performing devices in market today, all through a modern eCommerce shopping experience. More than just an eCommerce store, CCC helps IoT manufacturers achieve scalable distribution by providing global warehousing infrastructure, high-tech sourcing, knowledgeable supply chain management consulting, and valuable upstream component sourcing. The Internet of Things needs a good hardware partner.

About FreedomFi
FreedomFi is the open 5G company that offers the easiest path toward open source Private LTE or 5G networks. Be it for Fixed Wireless Access, Enterprise Cellular or Mobile Broadband, just plug in any commodity small cell into a FreedomFi Gateway and start managing a private cellular network via a SaaS-hosted portal.

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