Royal Holiday Vacation Club is Taking Safety Measures Seriously

Mexico City, Mexico, Sept. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Royal Holiday Vacation Club has always been committed to creating a luxurious vacation experience for its members. Right now, many people are hesitant about booking vacations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This vacation club knows that people are concerned and wants them to feel safe whenever they travel.

A safe guest program has now been established at Royal Holiday Vacation club so all guests can feel safe when they arrive. Every surface in the resort is continuously disinfected with ECOLab products to ensure everything is thoroughly sanitized. There are hand sanitizer stations in every area, and social distancing is required from all parties.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club takes safety measures seriously. They have even come up with innovative new ways to make guests feel safe within the resort. Even the menus have been replaced with digital tablets for easy sanitization after every use. They are actively finding ways to keep every guest safe.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club is a travel and cruise club with over 180 locations in 52 different countries. There are various memberships that people can register to take advantage of this exclusive vacation club. Travelers have options for safe travels to many different resorts, where they can find something for everyone.

They can get away to a tropical island and soak up the sun or have fun skiing where it's snowy. Royal Holiday Vacation Club doesn't just have resorts; they also feature many cruise ship destinations as well

Royal Holiday Vacation Club is owned by the franchise ParkRoyal Hotels and Resorts. This vacation club was first founded in 1983 and has grown into a successful company with destinations worldwide. Many people feel secure traveling with Royal Holiday Vacation Club because they know they are in good hands and take safety measures seriously.

Every Royal Holiday Club membership comes with a recession period. At this time, you can cancel your membership if you decide the vacation club isn't for you. If you have passed the recession period and feel that you need to cancel the membership, you can sell the remainder of your membership on eBay.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has always been dedicated to providing guests with a quality vacation experience. Many guests are concerned about traveling right now, so they have applied a strict safe guest program. This program ensures that both the guests and employees are safe on location.

This safe guest program doesn't take away from any of the fun attractions at the resorts. Guests will still be able to join in with the fun activities and enjoy the entertainment Royal Holiday Vacation Club provides. Their staff is working around the clock to ensure every guest can actually relax when they arrive at the Royal Holiday Vacation Club resort.


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