Buyers From Large and Small Retail Chains Find Out About New Ayurvedic Protein Bars made with Low GI Sugars

Btein Energy Bars Recently Debuted at ECRM’s ‘Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program’


PALM BEACH, FL, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Btein Bars moved closer to expanding its retail distribution network by participating in this month's ECRM’s “Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program.”

“Our representatives met with retail buyers for four days,” said Hema Saran, founder of Atmabala, based in North Carolina, which makes Btein Bars. “We have a protein bar that today’s consumers need, and we believe the retail buyers know this.”

Btein Bars are high in protein but made with Low GI (Glycemic Index) natural sugars, which help people maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

The ECRM event brought together retail buyers and brands with new products for private one-on-one meetings. Regional and national food, drug, and mass health chains sent their buyers to the ECRM event, which showcased the latest and most innovative health and wellness products.

“We developed our protein bars because we know consumers today need high-quality protein snacks that don’t contain a lot of added high GI sugars,” Saran said. “We took the best of nutritional science and added an Ayurvedic twist to the bars, which come in two flavors: Chocolate Almond and Almond Coconut.”

All-natural Btein Bars contain Ashwagandha, an ancient healing root known for its stress-reducing and energy-boosting properties. The bars only contain Low GI natural sugars, which makes them a healthier alternative to many products that have high levels of added High GI sugars.

Some protein bars contain almost 30 grams of sugar, which is more than what the American Heart Association recommends daily for women and almost as much as the recommended 36 grams per day for men. Low glycemic foods help improve cholesterol levels, weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease.

“Health is on everyone’s mind today because of the pandemic. The pandemic not only affected people physically but also has taken an enormous toll on their mental health, causing additional stress” Saran said. “Our protein bars are developed to address both the physical and mental aspects of health”

Saran said Btein Bars provide a three-prong health approach.

“Our bars ease stress, boost energy, and keep your blood sugar levels stable,” Saran added.

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Btein Bars are high in protein but made with Low GI (Glycemic Index) natural sugars, which help people maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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