Chili Piper’s $1M Citizens of our Planet Foundation Launches with Landmark Support for Global Refugees

COOP’s first philanthropic target to bring solutions, hope, and action by partnering with non-profit Techfugees — as part of its wider objective to create a more inclusive and peaceful world 

Brooklyn, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chili Piper, a Brooklyn-headquartered, fully remote software company with 165 employees across 25+ countries leading in B2B scheduling software since 2016, has launched Citizens of our Planet (COOP) with a financial commitment of $1M. COOP is the vision of Chili Piper’s founders, Alina and Nicolas Vandenberghe. The foundation aims to support and connect global efforts focused on creating a more equitable, inclusive and peaceful future. 

In response to the recent need for Afghan refugee resettlement, COOP has chosen Techfugees Foundation as its first philanthropic partner. Based in the UK, Techfugees is an international non-profit collective of digital tech organisations, volunteers and partners dedicated to empowering displaced inclusion through responsible digital innovations and open data insights. Techfugees amplifies the voice of those displaced in promoting their human rights and shifting the narratives to highlight the wealth of refugee contributions to communities  for their empowerment and dignity in the digital society. Every four seconds, one person is displaced and increasing proliferation of events, including climate change and ongoing internal and international conflicts, has created sense of international urgency on resettling refugees, asylum seekers, and internally-displaced people with humanity whilst harnessing untapped skills to connect marginalised people with digital careers to accelerate post-pandemic economic recovery. 

As a strategic patron partner being a member to Techfugees global digital tech community, Chili Piper will also be hosting and hiring a cohort of refugees in support of its core human-first approach value. This effort will uplift these refugees and their families to resettle in a new country while they work and earn a sustainable source of income to support their families. Chili Piper will also be creating introductions to potential partners in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) community to drive additional fundraising and placement opportunities for Techfugees to deliver on its mission in advocating the rights for displaced persons. The Vandenberghes, immigrants to the United States themselves, recognize the incredible value that immigrants and refugees bring to their new home countries.

“COOP’s mission to support inclusion and a better world that recognises human talent  is well aligned with our own and we’re excited about this partnership,” said Raj Burman, Chief Executive of the Techfugees Foundation. “Our international efforts is mobilising a catalytic movement to enable even more best-of-breed organizations to join the collective in following Chili Piper stewardship, to provide the duty of care to displaced people globally and recognise the wealth of their contributions to digital society.”

In a statement about COOP’s creation as one intended to build greater partnership with existing philanthropies, Nicolas Vandenberghe said, “We believe it’s our mission to help build a worldwide community that promotes inclusivity, respect, and acceptance, working toward the end of all hostility. With this foundation we will support existing philanthropic projects as well as create our own projects to fulfill this mission. We’re humbled by the opportunity to support displaced persons as our first initiative.”

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