Smarter Alloys Showcases the Healing Properties of Shape Memory Alloys in a Collaboration with The Hacksmith for Their Latest Viral Video

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smarter Alloys has, time and again, demonstrated the magic of materials in its history of bringing the impossible to reality.

It is fitting then, that The Hacksmith – a popular YouTube star with over 12 million viewers whose motto is “Make it Real” – was interested in working with Smarter Alloys on this exciting and innovative creative project. The project is the world’s first set of ‘self-healing’ Wolverine (yes, Wolverine from film and comic book fame) claws using shape memory alloy (SMA) metal.

The properties of this SMA (an alloy made from Nickel Titanium) allows it to be bent and deformed, then return back to its original shape on its own. Comic book readers and fans of the X-Men films will be familiar with Wolverine’s self-healing ability. This creative use of an SMA is a world’s first for this kind of application. Interest in this application is enormous, as The Hacksmith video featuring Smarter Alloys’ material received over 3.5 million views in the first week alone (currently at over 4 million views and growing).

Smarter Alloys currently uses their patented Multiple Memory Material (MMM) for real-world applications including the medical, auto, aero and clean tech industries.

Current products that are in use today made from Smarter Alloys' MMM include arch wires for orthodontic braces, the world’s only laser-treated endodontic files for dentists and endodontists, a revolutionary zero emission clean technology prototype that uses waste heat from industry and turns it into usable electricity.

The video that has been posted on The Hacksmith’s YouTube channel shows how the Wolverine claws were made in Smarter Alloys’ lab, featuring some specialized laser equipment and engineers. It’s projects like this that help show the general public the advanced properties of shape memory alloys, and helps to inspire younger viewers into becoming interested in technology and science. Smarter Alloys also engages with university students and is part of the co-op program for various institutions in the Kitchener/Waterloo region.

For more information about Smarter Alloys and this creative project, contact:

Andy Stanleigh, Marketing Manager | | 416.854.4364

Smarter Alloys | 221 Shearson Crescent | Cambridge, Ontario | N1T 1J5 |

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