XcelPlus International now current with OTC Markets Group

LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XcelPlus International Inc. (OTC Pink: XLPI) announced today that it has filed its 2020 annual report with the OTC Markets Group bringing the company in compliance with FINRA Rule 15c2-11 and resulting in removal of the “stop sign” from the company’s OTC listing. 

“Filing our financial statements and annual report ahead of FINRA’s September 28 deadline allowed us to keep our listing on the OTC Markets,” explained David Perez, Chief Executive Officer of XcelPlus International.  “Our common stock is now listed as displaying limited information.  We are currently updating our quarterly financial statements, and once those are filed, we expect the stock listing to display current information.” 

XcelPlus International is now working with an auditor to evaluate its financial statements in order to enhance disclosure and elevate investor confidence. In addition, XcelPlus has retained patent counsel to file a fresh round of patent applications to protect its most recent inventions, along with supplemental improvements to its Cool Plasma gasification technology.

XcelPlus CEO David Perez further identified the confirmation of XcelPlus International’s filing with the OTC Markets Group as a critical hurdle that has finally been cleared, with XcelPlus now being positioned to capitalize on its rapid re-emergence as a prominent waste-to-energy company.

“We have been working diligently for several months, forming partnerships and signing letters of intent with companies all over the globe,” stated Perez. “Our patent-protection efforts will further secure our intellectual property and improve the odds of success for these many ventures. In addition, our improved transparency with investors will be made evident by the frequency and clarity of all of our future disclosures.”

For more information about XcelPlus International’s Cool Plasma technology and waste-to-energy capabilities, please visit xcelplusint.com

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