Partners with Motion Invest to Offer 3rd Party Due Diligence Services

Service Includes Complete Analysis of Site to Understand its Strengths & Weaknesses in Detail

Chicago, IL, Oct. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Website Flip is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Motion Invest to provide a source for 3rd party due diligence services. Motion Invest is involved in buying and selling of websites. The #1 challenge for website buyers, investors and flippers is due diligence. There are many brokers who offer these services however, there is always a conflict of interest. The Website Flip provides unbiased sources that potential website investors can use to proceed with their investments and make informed choices. Apart from that, there are several steps that need to be followed such as: assessing the risk, evaluating the traffic and site flow, measuring the revenue and rankings, determining longevity, watching out for scams, and using different tools to locate any red flags. Partners with Motion Invest to Offer 3rd Party Due Diligence Services Partners with Motion Invest

Good due diligence also means providing answers to the prospective buyers and give them full information that is needed to make a purchase decision that is free of emotional influences. Most investors are now looking for third-party service providers for validating these websites for sale. The Website Flip has been doing this for over a decade now and has reviewed thousands of websites with in-depth analysis and due diligence. The review is conducted based on predetermined parameters such as Brandability & Domain, Niche Longevity, Website History, Website Traffic Trends, Backlink Profile, Monetization Potential, and Valuation.

The reviews are presented in the form of videos so that buyers can understand everything about the website better. Mushfiq’s years of experience and reviewing hundreds of websites each month allows him to return an ordered website due diligence consultation video in just under a week or 7 days. Anyone looking at purchasing a content website from sites such as Motion Invest, Empire Flippers, Flippa, or any other independent buyers, get a due diligence video consultation done here. The video recordings will explain the site’s status on important aspects such as on-page and off-page SEO, valuation, monetization strategy, and other areas followed by overall recommendations.

"I found Mushfiq a few months ago as part of my research for online businesses. His Due Diligence consulting service was invaluable in helping me to evaluate and make an offer on my first site acquisition, as well as providing tips to manage and grow the site”, says Jasen A., a happy client. A detailed review is conducted on the domain’s history, existing backlinks followed by the best strategy. Those who wish to understand how the work is done here can visit The Website Flip to check out some of the most valuable website due diligence videos. Customers who have hired these services have nothing but positive reviews for Mushfiq and his team. Mushfiq has hands-on experience buying, growing, and selling more than 175 websites since 2008. The company also provides aged domain strategy for those who are looking at investing in an aged domain through an auctioning platform or a private marketplace.

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The Website Flip was started by Mushfiq, a Chicago-based entrepreneur who has been buying, growing and selling websites since 2008. The firm offers services such as website teardowns and website due diligence as well as aged domain strategy.



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