Ai Digital Media Buying Platform, Eva Live Inc., Announces Its Public Listing on OTC Markets

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eva Live Inc. (OTC: GOAI) (the "Company", "Eva Ai" or "Eva") is pleased to announce its listing of the Company's common shares on OTC Markets, effective Oct. 11, 2021, trading under the symbol "GOAI". Eva is an Artificial Intelligence ("Ai") driven digital media buying platform. Beyond programmatic, it is the next generation of digital media buying, with a deeper contextual and predictive understanding of each consumer. Eva Ai continually learns, eliminating ad fraud, lag, and error to produce unmatched digital advertising optimization and results.

David Boulette, the Company's Founder, CEO, and Chief Science Officer says, "Eva is designed to address the needs of markets in which the volume and speed of information render real-time human analysis infeasible. Our Ai technology autonomously purchases ads, or impressions, one at a time, on digital advertising exchanges to create portfolios of impressions designed to optimize hard ROI goals of advertisers, such as increased sales, heightened brand awareness, and decreased cost per customer acquisition."

As digital media buying technology has evolved, so has several problems facing the industry, including ad fraud, transparency, brand safety, optimization, and audience commoditization. Eva Ai has evolved to address each of these issues:

1. Ad fraud: According to Juniper Research, advertisers will be losing $100 billion a year globally by 2023 on digital ad spend to fraudulent users and inventory. Eva's proprietary "Fraud Fence" algorithm and logic prevents ad fraud, potentially saving advertisers more than a quarter of their budget.

2. Transparency: Eva Ai simultaneously runs hundreds of campaigns with highly diverse goals delivering reports specific to each client's needs, down to the granular details. Every dollar of ad spend is 100% viewable and trackable by the advertiser.

3. Brand safety: Eva's Fraud Fence also protects brands from improper placement of ads.

4. Optimization: Eva responds to bid requests within 100 milliseconds, while handling 300,000 bid requests a second. Eva Ai is continuously and autonomously optimizing, removing the danger of human lag on underperforming campaigns to deliver superior return on ad spend.

5. Precision targeting, not audience commoditization: Eva incorporates clients' first-party data and matches audience to third-party data sources. This combined with Eva Ai's deeper contextual, and therefore predictive, understanding of each consumer is an unbeatable combination.

"By solving critical industry problems our goal is to become a global leader through Ai driven digital media buying," says David Boulette.

Since Eva's inception in 2015, the Company has grown from a start-up in Los Angeles to an international powerhouse of the digital advertising world, covering 192 countries, processing 29 billion US searches per month, and over 11 billion local searches.

Through Eva's distribution partners and agencies, she currently directly or indirectly serves 40 of Fortune's top 100 companies, 70 of Advertising Age's 100 leading national advertisers, and 10,000 local as well as 5,000 national ad agencies as customers. Eva provides advertisers with a single, managed platform to deliver all forms of search, text, display, in-game, audio, and CTV/video ads across all devices and through all channels including Google, Facebook, Amazon, AOL, MSN, and through relationships with thousands of online publishers.

"Artificial Intelligence allows us to understand sales cycles better and correlate our client's strategies and spending to achieve the results they expect," says David Boulette. Eva is a custom built Artificial Neural Network, ANN for short. This ANN not only allows Eva think but "feel". Beyond incorporating billions of pieces of information about individuals, such as website views, browser and click history, online shopping, and likes, Eva includes context. For example, the weather an individual is experiencing, stock market information that affects them, news headlines, and sports scores. Eva then assigns each person a 'precog rating,' this combined evaluation then influences the type of ads Eva determines will convert for each person. This process is constantly optimized as Eva is always learning and applying. After six years of building success, today is a milestone event for the Company and our stakeholders. Being publicly traded will help Eva advance our operational directive more effectively, expand our client and publisher base, and continue to improve on our industry leading technology.

"Other than the Ai technology we've developed and deployed; a new measure of our success will be the shareholder value we create. We're looking forward to very exciting times ahead," says David Boulette.

About Eva Live Inc.

Eva is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. Eva is an Ai driven digital media buying platform. Beyond programmatic, it is the next generation of digital media buying, with a deeper contextual and predictive understanding of each consumer. Eva Ai continually learns, eliminating ad fraud, lag, and error to produce unmatched digital advertising optimization and results. Our goal is to become the world's leading Ai driven media buying platform. You can access additional information about Eva on the Company's website:

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