Phantasma Chain Partners With Save Planet Earth to Deliver Transparent & Immutable Carbon Credit Smart NFTs

The partnership enables issuance of Carbon Credit NFTs to individuals and businesses that wish to offset their carbon footprint.


CHICAGO, Oct. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The leading Smart NFT blockchain Phantasma Chain has recently announced a partnership with Save Planet Earth enabling Save Planet Earth to issue transparent, immutable, and certified Carbon Credit NFTs using Phantasma's Smart NFT technology.

After researching multiple service providers, Save Planet Earth has selected Phantasma due to its, by design, minuscule carbon footprint. Phantasma itself has been on a quest to minimize its carbon footprint even more, eventually becoming CARBON NEGATIVE. Save Planet Earth is facilitating this goal.

The partnership enables Save Planet Earth to issue Carbon Credit NFTs to individuals and businesses that wish to offset their carbon footprint. Due to the immutable nature of Phantasma's blockchain and the certification accreditation of Save Planet Earth, the holders of these NFTs can be certain that purchasing these NFTs result in a verifiable carbon offset.

Since Phantasma Chain will be purchasing these NFTs themselves, users of the chain can be assured that their activities will not result in a carbon footprint. This applies to users of the blockchain, every dApp creator, and those using their dApps. Even better, due to the Phantasma blockchain going carbon negative, every single action on the blockchain will lower the carbon footprint. Using the Phantasma blockchain will help Save Planet Earth.

This partnership allows digital media applications to directly access this initiative, opening the possibilities of greater masses contributing to saving planet earth while they embark on their favorite digital activities. 

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token that is unique and is not interchangeable. NFTs are immutable units of data stored on a decentralized blockchain, essentially a global base of data. Phantasma's Smart NFT technology provides superior functionality that lends itself well to video games and applications that require smart functionality. 

For additional information on the Phantasma Chain & Save The Planet Smart NFT initiative, contact Gary Ollivier at or visit

ABOUT PHANTASMA — Phantasma is a blockchain for content distribution of NFTs, Gaming, and dApps that is fast, secure, and decentralized. The governance token is $SOUL and the energy token is $KCAL, allowing interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system. Its innovative staking mechanism, dual token system, and advanced smart non-fungible tokens allow the Phantasma blockchain to be used for digital goods and services such as communication, entertainment, NFT marketplace, and on-chain storage.

ABOUT SAVE PLANET EARTH — Save Planet Earth has various carbon sequestration initiatives worldwide, including approval of the planting of over 100 million trees, initiatives in solar, hydro, wind, beach & ocean clean-up, recycling, waste management, and improving rural technologies. For all these initiatives, Save Planet Earth receives certified carbon credits which can then be sold to individuals and companies who wish to offset their carbon footprint. For additional information about Save Planet Earth, check out its website at

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Phantasma Chain and Save The Planet