Micro Pets - NFT Staking On Binance Smartchain

Pearland, TX, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroPets is the newest NFT project that has recently launched on the Binance Smart Chain.  The project utility is enabling meme-crazed investors the opportunity to unlock their favorite meme-based NFT’s.  NFT’s include popular meme token mascots such as, Akita Inu, Kishu Inu, Hokkaido Inu, Shiba Inu, Floki & Micro Shiba.  Users purchase a crate from the MicroPets shop using the MicroPets token, unlocking a random NFT. The rarer the NFT the higher the staking power and rewards will be. Supported by software that pushes new content out rapidly, each NFT is specially designed by a professional 3D modeler and game animator.

The project is lead by three diversly skilled leaders who have been friends in the BSC space, and consider themselves a tripod of leadership, equally balanced to propel the project forward.  With an engaged community supported by 30 admins to help investors, MicroPets has successfully launched and onboarded over 2,000 holders in just under 24 hours.  

The concept for the MicroPets token came to fruition with an emphasis on high-quality animation and design combined with top-notch software development.  Combining the most sought-after project utilities, NFT’s and P2E gaming, the team developed a dApp that allows its users to own and sell their own unique NFT’s from their most favorite meme tokens.  With an initial supply of 10 trillion, tokenomics are simple.  There is a 3% tax on buys and a 12% tax on sells.  The sell tax is distributed into two parts, 2% auto LP and 10% to a marketing and buy back wallet.  Manual buy backs initiated by the developer help create support levels and higher price floors. 

MicroPets token also adds value to investors in a couple of different ways.  Investors can participate in buy periods called “Power Hours” where taxes temporarily change to 0% on the buy and 30% on the sell, with the 30% decreasing in increments until it reaches its original 12%.  In addition to special discounted buy periods, the team also added a function where investors can purchase multiple crates and open them, paying one fee for buying them and one fee to open them, saving investors money. Staking your NFT’s is also available on the MicroPets dApp.  With 10% of token supply allocated to release over the next 4 months, investors with rarer NFT attributes can really reap some gains by staking their NFT with an option to unstake at any time.  

All tokens spent on the MicroPets dApp go directly to a wallet that is used for one of 3 purposes: replenishing the staking pool, creating new P2E pool, and creating a new farming pool.  

Future capabilities on the MicroPets roadmap include farming, play to earn, and special edition crate releases.  Farming capabilities include the feature to farm your NFT puppy into an adult NFT by purchasing MicroPet treats to speed up growth and value of the adult NFT. Play to earn gaming brings your NFT to life, mine chests and coin stacks to earn MicroPets token and rewards.  Use your tokens to purchase in game items and even unlock areas on the game map.  Special edition crate releases will continue to support special occasions or hype crazes in the space.   

MicroPets token is proving to be just what the BSC needed with a truly interactive community and utility.  Visit their website and join their telegram group to learn more. https://micropets.io/

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