Quantropi emerges as a major contender with the appointment of Ottawa technology visionary and seasoned senior executive Marco Pagani as Chairman of the Board

Cybersecurity start-up shows proof of growing visibility and credibility by attracting former President of Nortel and respected philanthropist to its Board of Directors

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantropi Inc., a groundbreaking Canadian quantum-secure data and communications software solutions provider, announced today the appointment of Ottawa Community Foundation President & CEO Marco Pagani to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Today’s announcement comes as the company enters the final run-up to a full commercial launch of its revolutionary QiSpace Quantum-Secure software platform for enterprises, governments, and developers worldwide. The nomination of an executive of Mr. Pagani’s caliber as Chairman comes in the wake of the company’s 2nd quarter announcement of the hiring of Michael Redding, co-founder and former managing director of Accenture Ventures, as CTO, and speaks to the company’s growing profile and confidence.

Marco Pagani began his long and successful career as a senior executive in Ottawa’s high-tech sector in 1985, with Nortel Networks (then Bell-Northern Research). He rose across two decades to become president of several Nortel Business Units, managing more than 2,000 employees and over $1 billion in revenue. Having gone on to advise numerous organizations, as well as guide a range of companies through complex, critically necessary turnarounds, he is particularly respected for placing a strong emphasis on ethics and corporate governance in building the culture of the corporate and not-for-profit organizations he leads and supports.

Mr. Pagani is enthusiastic about Quantropi’s prospects. “I see the potential of this company to be a game-changer, to be a lighthouse – for our city, our country and our global business, technology and human communities. It’s more than just an exceptionally promising start-up tech play. It’s a company with an environmental, social and governance (ESG) value system explicitly aimed at contributing to the betterment of our world. In my opinion, co-founder and CEO James Nguyen is an individual bound to become one of the next generation of preeminent business leaders. I look forward to this opportunity to invest my mentoring support in James, and by extension the entire executive team, knowing society will see a significant return on that investment based on our working together to make technology relevant for a greater purpose.”

“Having Marco join as chairman sends an important signal to the markets in terms of legitimization and validation,” said James Nguyen. “If someone like him – a legendary executive, one of the youngest presidents in Nortel’s history at a time when that company represented 40% of the TSX – if a heavy-hitter like that is motivated to contribute to the fulfillment of our mission, it must truly be a world-changing opportunity.”

“Knowing what I do about technology and IT infrastructures, I am always on the lookout for what I call waves,” added Mr. Pagani. “At one time, the wave we rode was about digitizing telecommunications networks; at another, it was the paradigm shift from fixed access towards untethered mobilization – the explosion of bandwidth, artificial intelligence – these are all waves. Well, quantum is a tsunami. And that makes Quantum Security a mega-tsunami. In my estimation, with vision, strategy and execution intelligence, Quantropi is capable of making an impact that will be felt for generations.”

Marco Pagani can be heard at the eminent quantum tech business event, Inside Quantum Technology (IQT), in conversation with Quantropi CTO Michael Redding, in an exclusive Fireside Chat on Preserving Truth, Trust and Network Security, to be held on November 2, 2021, from 10:45 am – 11:15 am Eastern.

About Quantropi
Founded in Ottawa in 2018, Quantropi is bound to be the standard for quantum-secure data communications – forever unbreakable, no matter what. Powered by quantum mechanics expressed as linear algebra, our technology encrypts data in transit and data at rest — defending against today’s threats and tomorrow’s quantum-based attacks — without requiring the processing power of a quantum computer. Quantropi's TrUE quantum-secure key generation, encryption & distribution solutions are accessible via the company's flagship QiSpace platform. By offering an easily deployable, cost-effective, and effortlessly scalable solution that enables organizations to progressively upgrade towards 100% quantum security, forever, Quantropi's vision is to protect Truth & Trust beyond the information age. Bring it on.

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