Users of Chinese Video Platform Bilibili Send Special Bullet Chats in Memory of Russian Creator Passed Away of COVID-19

Yanpu District, CHINA

SHANGHAI, China, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A memorial video for a Russian content creator has gone viral on Bilibili in the past week. The video is covered with special bullet chats in Russian sent from Bilibili users in memory of uploader Pavlov’s Drinking Food (referred to as Pavlov below), who passed away of COVID-19 in Russia earlier this October.

When users send bullet chats such as “farewell” or “rest in peace” in Chinese in the memorial video made by Pavlov’s Chinese friend, the bullet chats can automatically change into “Мир праху твоему”, which means “rest in peace” in Russian. The icon of the progress bar is also specially designed into a small bottle of vodka, Pavlov’s favorite drink.

The views of the memorial video “Farewell, Uncle Pavlov” surpassed three million in just two days with over 10,000 comments. Over 70,000 bullet chats have been sent by Bilibili users who are mourning for Pavlov.

Pavlov became a video uploader of Bilibili on May 15, 2020, and his account has attracted over 200,000 followers. His video content is simple and straightforward, usually showing him drinking and having dinner alone after work. However, “Uncle Pavlov” is widely loved by Bilibili users. Users love to get to know authentic Russian food and culture from his videos, and think it’s very relaxing to watch him drinking and dining.

With a glass of vodka or beer in hand, Pavlov would toast to his audiences in each video, which became a highlight for his videos. He would toast to all kinds of things from health, friends, summer to the kindness of people in his life. His positive attitude and love for life deeply touched the hearts of Bilibili users.

Users are shocked after knowing Pavlov had passed away. They left comments under the memorial video in grief, saying “we miss you, Uncle Pavlov” and “thank you for bringing us the happy moments”.

Pioneered by Bilibili, “bullet chats” are a live commenting function that has transformed the user experience by displaying the thoughts and feelings of other viewers interacting with the same video, aiming to bring a shared viewing experience for the audience.

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Bullet chats in Russian covering Pavlov’s video