Crimson Digital Capital Launches Algorand Fund, Taps HEADLINE INC for First Equity Deal

Crimson Digital Capital Launches Algorand Fund, Taps HEADLINE INC for First Equity Deal

Austin, Texas, United States, Oct. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- - Crimson Digital Capital announces Algorand fund, confirms lead investment in HEADLINE INC.

Crimson Digital Capital, an Alabama investment firm, launches bespoke Algorand fund. The new blockchain fund will offer clients investment-grade access to Algorand and venture exposure to leading Algorand ecosystem projects. Crimson Digital Capital pursued HEADLINE INC, a Texas-based Algorand startup, for the fund’s inaugural deal. HEADLINE INC is the corporate front office of Aaron Martinez, the developer behind some of Algorand’s most innovative ecosystem projects - PIPELINE-UIAlgoPayFORUM, and more. 

Martinez made the following statement regarding his company’s current projects, and teased several other, yet-to-be-released applications in mid and late-stage development:

“Along with PIPELINE-UI and AlgoPay, we’re also building a SAAS model, community dashboard that will integrate a number of underdeveloped elements of the Algorand ecosystem. We’re calling this service AlgoCloud, and it will serve as a repository for our current stable of applications and a launching pad for future Algorand projects."

In addition to HEADLINE INC’s core Algorand ecosystem solutions, the Texas-based firm is also developing FORUM - a proof-of-stake social network, HEADLINE News - an unbiased news platform, and Libra Network - a Natural Language Understanding neural network.

Crimson Digital Capital’s founder, Ethan Welch, gave the following statement regarding his decision to pursue an equity stake in HEADLINE INC: 

“First and foremost Crimson Digital Capital's investment is in Aaron Martinez and the current team of brilliant and dedicated trailblazers at HEADLINE INC. His combination of relentless nature, problem-solving ability, and keen intellect are rarely seen. Conceptually, HEADLINE INC is taking the power of blockchain/decentralization and laying that infrastructure on top of the most profitable and improvable of current platforms i.e. Media/News and Social Networks. HEADLINE is going to re-deliver these platforms to the masses in a much healthier, honest, and more constructive way. HEADLINE is also well positioned as the gateway to Algorand with the SAAS model and cutting-edge developments with AlgoPay and Algocloud. HEADLINE has grown into a ubiquitous and indelible member of the Algorand ecosystem and Crimson Digital Capital couldn’t be happier to lead the investment!”

He (Welch) also had this to say about his fund’s role in the ongoing development of the Algorand Ecosystem: 

“Crimson Digital Capital is solely focused on the Algorand ecosystem. Our VC arm is 100% involved in the support and growth of HEADLINE INC and all its wonderful projects currently in development. Crimson Digital Capital also offers, via private placement, a DeFi-as-a-service fund. This fund offers, oftentimes as a first exposure, lay investors the power of DeFi and yield-generating activities on digital assets. In the future, we will also be launching an artist network(launchpad) for physically-backed NFTs to bring in more of the talent from the traditional art world and open them up to the beautiful patronage opportunities that exist on Algorand. The long-term vision is for Crimson Digital Capital to support and compliment as many worthy projects as possible to drive worldwide adoption of this beautifully elegant and useful technology!”

Crimson Digital Capital’s investment in HEADLINE INC goes beyond capital injection. Welch will serve on the board of advisors and play a key role in day-to-day operations. Welch confirmed that he will also lead HEADLINE INC’s upcoming investment round, a regulated offering that will solidify Algorand’s position as the home for securitized token offerings in the blockchain industry. Crimson Digital Capital and HEADLINE INC will be present and in-person at Decipher, Algorand’s inaugural conference in Miami, November 29th - 30th.

Crimson Digital Capital Launches Algorand Fund, Taps HEADLINE INC for First Equity Deal

Crimson Digital Capital Launches Algorand Fund, Taps HEADLINE INC for First Equity Deal


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