Sendinblue Launches Email API Offering to Address Enterprise Needs to Improve Agility and Increase Deliverability

The Digital Marketing Platform Can Accept 120,000 Emails Per Minute and Ensure Compliance Regulations Are Met

SEATTLE, Oct. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sendinblue, the leading all-in-one digital marketing platform, is expanding its solution for SMEs with Email API as a new value proposition for large businesses. The North American scale-up meets a need, expressed by developers working in large businesses, to be able to distribute high volumes of transactional emails (order confirmations, forgotten passwords, etc.) while maintaining compliance, and to provide technical support and personalized campaign tracking.

With more than 300,000 customers in 180 countries, Sendinblue’s new Email API is based on a technical platform that’s been tried and tested by more than 500 key customers and can be accredited to Sendinblue's expertise and knowledge gained over the past decade, which has helped scale billions of emails every month to inboxes on all North American Internet service providers.

Beyond Email API, Sendinblue continues to innovate by offering an increasingly rich suite of tools allowing businesses of all sizes to manage the full breadth of their online marketing and sales.

With an Email API, Sendinblue is meeting the direct needs of developers to add transactional email capabilities, which significantly and positively impacts those operating in ecommerce,” said Sendinblue Chief Product Officer, Jeremy Cahen. “This new and innovative capability allows an email marketing platform to be integrated into a website and expands functionality access, which streamlines marketing capabilities across the board.

Deliverability at the heart of the value proposition

With regulations gradually tightening, sending large volumes of emails has become a compliance challenge for the technical and marketing teams of large businesses, especially within organizations that have multiple entities across the globe, with different compliance regulations.

These companies are often faced with unsuccessful solutions that suffer from a lack of expertise and reliability in the field.

The Sendinblue deliverability team pays special attention to the differentiating elements that make campaigns land in a user’s inbox. Therefore, the team decided to launch Sendinblue’s Email API plan with tools and experts dedicated to the solution to maintain good data hygiene. With Sendinblue, enterprises can keep as much data as they wish, for as long as they need. It's up to them to define their own storage policies.

Reliability, performance and technical support are the foundation of Email API

With the ability to accept up to 120,000 emails per minute and with libraries available for the market's main languages (C#, Go, Java, Node JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Typescript-node, etc.), and integrations for the main CMS and CRM, Sendinblue's RESTful API easily meets the needs of enterprise developers for transactional emails, notifications, and marketing routing campaigns.

Innovative functions such as inbound parsing or email templates management, are now included within the API, which enables the management of the entire email creation process directly on the Sendinblue platform. Additionally, it only requires the template's ID to be sent in the API so that it can be personalized via a particularly powerful templating language well-known to developers (Jinja2, implemented for instance by Twig). Therefore, when editing an email, it is no longer necessary to make changes to the API's implementing code.

These templates can be created and edited with the Drag & Drop editor, which offers an infinite number of possibilities without having to write a single line of HTML code. In the unlikely case where the interface may not enable the desired design to be produced, it has a developer option that allows their own blocks to be implemented, which will then be completely reusable and editable in the editor.

The inbound parsing API, which enables the configuration of an email address for which received messages will be sent to a webhook, is innovative in that it uses artificial intelligence to extract useful content and convert it to an easy-to-use format.

The new proposition would not be complete without end-to-end technical support, both for the API's implementation and its deliverability, available in multiple languages. Customers who already use the Email API are particularly happy with the quality of support, including Guillaume Rostand, CMO of Liligo, subsidiary of the Edreams-Odigeo group: “Sendinblue allows us to integrate our price alerts in real time very quickly. The technical support is very responsive and easy to access, which helps us to progress faster on our projects.

A value proposition that completes the system designed for large businesses

Beyond Email API, Sendinblue offers modules that are natively integrated with each other. For example, when sending an order confirmation using the Email API, the data will be available immediately in the Customer Engagement Platform for future marketing campaigns and will also be visible in the customer record on the platform in order to enhance answers for live chat conversations.

The Email API plan is integrated into the tailored Enterprise Marketing offering and has maintained the fundamentals behind its success: ease-of-use, accessibility, the combination of all digital marketing channels in one unique tool, and its ability to easily integrate the many other apps found in large businesses' technical architecture.

Sendinblue's product teams are already working on the integration of new cutting-edge functions to complete their offering even further for large businesses, continuing its innovation approach and exceeding customer expectations.

About Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the only all-in-one digital marketing platform empowering B2B and B2C businesses, e-commerce sellers and agencies to build customer relationships through end to end digital marketing campaigns, transactional messaging, and marketing automation. Unlike other marketing solutions built for enterprise-level budgets and expertise, Sendinblue tailors its all-in-one suite to suit the marketing needs of growing SMBs in tough markets. Sendinblue was founded in 2012 by Armand Thiberge with a mission to make the most effective marketing channels accessible to all businesses. Headquartered in Paris with offices in Seattle, Berlin, Bangalore, Sofia, Noida, and Toronto, Sendinblue supports more than 300,000 active users across 160 countries.

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Sendinblue Launches Email API Offering to Address Enterprise Needs to Improve Agility and Increase Deliverability