International Low-Code/No-Code Leader Cuts Development Time by 90% with Progress Corticon

Progress Corticon.js empowers Progress longtime customer Build.One to integrate complex business rules without any coding

BELFORD, Mass., Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact applications, today announced that international low-code/no-code leader Build.One has reduced web app development time for its customers by 90% using Progress® Corticon.js®, the serverless rules engine for building, testing and deploying rules to critical JavaScript applications.

Build.One, a 25-year customer of Progress, offers a cloud platform for web application development with little to no code, used by a range of organizations from different industries. To improve user web experiences and the response time of in-browser UI actions, the company needed to implement complex business logic rules. Progress Corticon.js enabled Build.One to integrate the rules directly into its platform without the need of developers and any server deployment, leading to faster time to market.

"We always aim to be 10x faster than our competitors and still have a better functional result,” said Mike Liewehr, founder and CEO, Build.One. “Progress not only helped us accelerate time to market, but it wouldn’t have been possible for us to achieve the high level of automation that we now offer to our customers without Corticon.js.”

Build.One’s web app development platform now allows customers to create mission-critical applications with sophisticated screens and elaborate logic. The platform’s smooth user experience makes it intuitive and prevents mistakes when entering data. Users can bring data from multiple systems together in one user experience as well as design highly personalized user experiences without any code. With Corticon.js, UI command response time went up by 98%.

The platform is built on Progress® OpenEdge® ABL and is integrated with Progress® DataDirect® data connectivity solutions for managing multiple data sources and Progress® Kinvey® serverless cloud platform for backend data integration and security.

“No matter which industry your organization operates in, success often depends on fastest time to market which requires automation,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress. “Our technologies save time, reduce costs and free business leaders to focus on fostering collaboration and providing an excellent customer experience. It is because of this and our mission to provide the best products to build, manage and deploy the applications that matter, that our customers have remained with us faithfully.”

Corticon.js is a serverless rules engine created to quickly and easily build, test and deploy rules to critical JavaScript applications. Its intuitive interface and spreadsheet-style modeling tools enable business uses to manage sophisticated rules across JavaScript application without having to code. It features ultra-fast, millisecond response times that scale across millions of transactions per day. Corticon.js reduces the heavy-lifting that comes with server-side rules processing, allowing for lighter, more responsive rules execution across mobile and web applications.

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