Chicago, IL, Oct. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FOMO CORP. ( - US OTC: FOMC) is pleased to announce its wholly owned subsidiary, the Energy Intelligence Center LLC (EIC -, has signed a Partnership Agreement (Agreement) with Jordan Energy & Food Enterprises, LLC. (Jordan Energy -, a leader in solar photovoltaics (PV) system design, installation, and operations.

Partnership goals established for the Agreement provide customers energy assessments, optimized energy management services, customized renewable energy systems, and comprehensive solutions for renewable energy options that will result in efficient and effective energy operations. The EIC and Jordan Energy will also help customers identify and establish economic incentives to help building owners, developers, managers, engineers, and architects achieve their energy goals.

“The mandate of our partnership is to bring solar PV systems to customers that are economically feasible and optimized for energy efficiency” stated Bill Jordan, Founder and CEO, Jordan Energy & Food Enterprises. “The Agreement uniquely positions the companies to provide comprehensive solutions including solar energy that are designed to meet customer needs and improve the strength of their businesses for the long-term.”

In August 2021, EIC and Jordan Energy entered into a Referral Agreement that set the stage for the Partnership Agreement and commercial goals and objectives for the two companies. Multiple customer opportunities are currently under evaluation with potential substantial lifetime contract value.

Said Vik Grover, FOMO CEO: “I want to commend EIC and Jordan Energy for establishing this partnership. With the emphasis on renewable energy and efficient energy management at the State and Federal levels, especially in California which is in the process of mandating new construction and building renovations to deploy solar power technology statewide, the business opportunities are significant and should provide substantial upside for FOMO. Our planned strategic acquisitions of Lux Solutions LLC and LEDF LLC, currently in the process of closing (to be called “Smartguard Energy” as a wholly owned FOMO subsidiary), have a natural synergy with this partnership that should further catalyze growth. We are turning the page to a new chapter for FOMO. Watch what our ecosystem will do.”

About the Energy Intelligence Center LLC

The Energy Intelligence Center LLC. (EIC) is an energy services company uniquely positioned to provide energy efficiency, optimization, operations, and economic incentives for the optimization of building equipment, and management and automation systems. The EIC mission is to create client focused energy efficient building portfolios. The independence LED lighting (iLED) asset in the EIC is a professional lighting solutions company with Made in America LED lighting products, manufacturing experience, and insight.

About Jordan Energy & Food Enterprises, LLC

Jordan Energy and Food Enterprises developed its first solar project in 2009 under the leadership of founder Bill Jordan, a veteran of both the solar and agricultural industries. Jordan Energy provides comprehensive renewable energy solutions that enable customers to harness the power of the sun with the mission of empowering progress through sustainable energy. The company separates itself in the dynamic energy sector by seeking to develop long-term customer relationships based on shared values of trust and mutual respect. Today, Jordan Energy has secured over $2 million dollars in grants for its customers and completed projects across the United States totaling more than twelve megawatts of power generation with another 120 megawatts in their development pipeline. Jordan Energy is dedicated to empowering progress through sustainable energy not only in business, but also in its commitment of 10% of profits to the “Let’s Share the Sun Foundation”, which provides solar power to underdeveloped communities throughout the world.


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