VeeMost Technologies, LTD Makes Inroads in Cyber Security Sector in Agreement with a Fairfax Financial Holdings Company.

Red Bank, NJ, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Fairfax Financial company, Seneca Insurance has signed a deal with VeeMost Technologies to plan, design and implement a company-wide micro-segmentation project for their network infrastructure.

Fairfax Financials is a $14B holding company in the investment management and casualty insurance and reinsurance sector. Fairfax and its companies take pride in being an early technology adopter, implementing and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of competition, serve their customers better, and meet compliance and industry regulations and requirements.

Speaking on the necessity of a company-wide micro-segmentation initiative, Mr. Robert Soto, Assistant Vice President of Infrastructure Technology at Seneca, says, “Our enterprise network comprises of other organizations within the company that are part of our nationwide geographically dispersed wide area network (WAN).”

Mr. Soto continues, “We have various data center sites across the United States that house services and applications the other companies in various locations use to conduct business, and these are accessed through our private MPLS network. Our overall goal in this project is to ensure that each of these companies can share resources with each other, yet be separate from the rest, strictly restricting who can access what data, when, how and what they are allowed to access. In the rare case of a breach or disaster at one of the companies, this will guarantee that our company will not be affected. This is a huge project as the communication pattern within the enterprise is very complex. Seneca will be the first of the companies to implement this project, and afterwards, VeeMost will roll it out to the other companies.”

Mr, Wesley Harriott, a senior network engineer at the company, adds, “In a perfect world where we don’t have fires to put out everyday, our IT department, with proper training and ample time, can actually figure out and execute the project. But with the timeframe given to us, it’s best to have the expertise of a company like VeeMost design and implement this for us. We can then take our time to study what was done and be able to support it.”

VeeMost specializes in complex projects such as this. With its expertise in network architecting and cybersecurity, VeeMost is in a position to help companies achieve their requirements in a very timely manner.

Mr. Melvin Ejiogu, CEO of VeeMost, speaking on the project says, “I love what technology can do for companies today—things that weren’t possible in the past. And I love that VeeMost can be that trusted technology partner to help companies achieve their goals, giving them the confidence that things will be done correctly, the first time. I’m looking forward to us completing this project so we can implement it within the other members companies.”

The Cyber Security spending is on pace to reach USD 262.4 billion in 2021 with cyber incidents on the rise. VeeMost Technologies is well positioned with strategic partnerships with most of the industry-leading security vendors such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco Systems, Splunk and many more to deliver results to our enterprise customers.

About VeeMost Technologies and JPX Global, Inc.
JPX Global, Inc. (OTC Pink: JPEX) and VeeMost Technologies, LTD has executed an agreement in an all-cash transaction, in which VeeMost purchased a majority control of JPX Global, Inc. VeeMost is an innovative cloud/cybersecurity global solutions and digital transformation services provider with locations in the United States, India, and West Africa. VeeMost specializes in architecting, deploying, and managing secure digital solutions and platforms for customers to accelerate and enhance business efficiencies for increased profitability. A name change from JPEX Global, Inc to VeeMost Technologies, Inc will be filed with FINRA. The company will be re-domiciled in Delaware at the conclusion of the transaction as it continues to work towards its goal of up-listing to the OTCQB or other more prestigious exchanges, subject to satisfying all relevant listing qualifications for the exchange.

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