As Demand for Cookieless Targeting Continues to Increase, Vibrant Media and Quintesse Expand Joint Sales Team

The Technology Company Appoints Beau Bunch as West Coast Sales Director

NEW YORK, Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vibrant Media, a contextual ad network pioneer powered by its advanced contextual data and targeting platform, Quintesse, today announced it hired Beau Bunch as the U.S. west coast sales director for both entities. Bunch’s appointment comes as the company outperforms its 2021 revenue goals and plans to continue to expand its international team to support another year of exponential growth in 2022.

As advertising agencies and marketers test new strategies to prepare for a cookieless future, contextual targeting is projected to be the dominant form of advertising targeting by 2022. Built by a team with 13 patents and 21 years of contextual technology development, Quintesse’s contextual targeting uses natural language processing (NLP), curated machine learning (CML) and a lemmatization method to provide a deeper level of semantic analysis down to the paragraph-level including sentiment and emotional tone recognition.

Bunch has worked in attention-based media sales for nearly a decade. He has held relevant positions at publishers and advertising companies including Parsec Media, Maven, Say Media and Based in Los Angeles, Bunch will spearhead new relationships with agencies and brands across the west coast and report directly to senior vice president of sales and operations, James Piper.

Piper said, “Vibrant Media and Quintesse are poised to lead the path forward with cookieless, contextual advertising and targeting solutions based on our depth of experience and rich technology assets. Beau will be valuable to our team as agencies and brands leverage our customized, granular contextual targeting and Brand Curated Marketplaces to secure highly-relevant and engaging media placements. His experience equips him with a deep understanding of the engagement metrics that matter to advertisers and ultimately create positive consumer experiences. I’m confident in Beau’s ability to meet our ambitious U.S. revenue goals.”

Bunch said, “I have always been drawn to contextual advertising as a strategy that the industry and consumers alike can immediately understand and see value in. With privacy at the forefront, contextual targeting is the only way to build a trusted value exchange between publishers, advertisers and consumers. Vibrant Media’s history and engaging ad placements combined with Quintesse’s advanced NLP and CML that identifies hyper-relevant environments sets the company apart as a clear leader at this pivotal point in the contextual revolution.”

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About Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media is a technology company that addresses the full range of agencies’ and marketers’ contextual data and privacy safe-advertising needs through an engagement-based ad network and data targeting at scale across the global bidstream. Vibrant is the contextual network pioneer powered by its advanced contextual data and targeting platform, Quintesse.

The ad network helps its global list of partnering publishers drive incremental revenue and offers highly-viewable, engaging and inherently opt-in ad formats.

The global company has local teams in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. For more information, visit or

About Quintesse
Quintesse is the advanced contextual data and targeting platform of Vibrant Media. Quintesse offers a deeper understanding of relevancy and brand suitability to empower advertisers and agencies to curate inventory at scale from across the global bidstream to create custom brand marketplaces.

With 21 years of experience and 13 patents in contextual technologies, Quintesse utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and a sophisticated lemmatization method to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate understanding of content for privacy-safe targeting across 38 languages. Brands and agency customers can leverage the platform as a self-service or managed-service.

The global platform has local teams in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. For more information, visit or

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