The Chambers Project Announces Psychedelic Art Exhibition

The inaugural show on November 12th showcases one of the most important collections of psychedelic art in existence

NEVADA CITY, Calif., Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If there was ever a seminal moment in the history of psychedelic art, “One Step Further” — the inaugural group show at the new The Chambers Project space — is it. On November 12th, the gallery will become a professional and serious refuge, a sanctuary of credibility for New Psychedelia in a chaotic art world.

The exhibition represents the first public showing of what is considered one of the most important collections of psychedelic art in existence. The Chambers Project has partnered with Towr Media to provide a state-of-the-art live stream gallery experience as well as art projections on the external walls of the new building.

Curator Brian Chambers has firmly staked his claim in the history of the genre by showing treasures from early rock music and psychedelic art: rare paintings by rock gods Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and Les Claypool, as well as original works by genius Fillmore poster designer Rick Griffin. Spectacular canvases from contemporary artists will immerse spectators in visionary landscapes of tumbling colors and shapes, toppling through space and, at times, spilling from the frames.

Chambers said, “The show ties the contemporary psychedelic world to the godfathers of the scene. A blend of the new school and the old school. It’s a celebration of all the major influences that have combined to shape new psychedelia.”

Heavy hitters of the new psychedelic art scene Mars-1 and Oliver Vernon will dominate the space as the two artists take to the canvas collaboratively to paint a new work for a live audience. Mars-1’s style is sensual, delicate, surging out of two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional worlds. His sophisticated classical touch and a comforting sense of color invite his audience to enjoy the sensual compositions he creates.

Oliver Vernon’s work began in the traditions of 1950’s abstraction, but the psychedelic experience transformed his work, ushering in an intense and colorful freshness. Vernon’s work marks an evolution in the history of all-over painting. Vernon said, “The psychedelic experience was a key to unlocking a crazy force. Uninterrupted, no hesitation, pouring, shifting gears, and changing modes rapidly, without having to stop and contemplate what they should be. It was a revelation.”

This inaugural showcase is timed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman’s collaboration on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the seminal gonzo story of Thompson’s hallucinatory journey to the heart of the American dream. Chambers said, It was the marriage of art and word in Fear and Loathing that sent me on the journey of my life’s work, to become the prime collector and dealer of contemporary psychedelic art.

Chambers included two of Steadman’s original drawings from Fear and Loathing in the show, Vintage Doctor Gonzo, and The Hitchhiker. The show will also feature the unveiling of the newest bronze Chambers has produced for Steadman, the fourth since they began working together in 2014.

It is also an important anniversary for Roger Dean, who celebrates fifty years of designing iconic cover art for the progressive rock band YES. His cracked world album cover for the album Fragile was released on the 21st of November 1971. Dean is showing three paintings at the exhibition: the gorgeous original painting for the band’s most recent album The Quest, Jade Sea, and Inland Sea 2.

Gallerist and art collector Jacaeber Kastor, whose rare drawings are also included in the exhibit, sums it up best: Psychedelic art is inclusive art. It’s a process of refining. It’s trying to clarify. It’s thrilling. It tends to be a more encompassing vision, with an expanded view. We’re always amazed that we see so much more, and we feel so much more.”

The exhibit will be open to the public from November 12th through January 11, 2022.

Artists include: Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Roger Dean, Les Claypool, Rick Griffin, Ralph Steadman, Jacaeber Kastor, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, Zoltron, Jud Bergeron, 1010ZZZ, MEAR ONE, Sebastian Wahl, Colin Prahl, Isaac Abrams, Kris Kuksi, Justin Lovato, Tahiti Pehrson, Nome Edonna, Leans, Ricardo Chavarria, Freyja Dean, Dan Lam, Candace Thatcher, Jessie Thatcher, Sean Smokovich, Julian Vadas, Trapis.

About The Chambers Project
The Chambers Project is an art gallery dedicated to making contemporary psychedelic art accessible in Nevada County. Led by proprietor and curator Brian Chambers the Chambers Project presents emerging artists alongside art-world notables. The exhibitions feature cutting-edge, surreal, and abstract fine art and have attracted a dedicated following.

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