BlazePod Announces Brand Partnership with Leading NFL Trainer Jamal Liggin

Founder of JLT Performance Training Gym, Liggin will serve as BlazePod’s ambassador helping top-tier athletes enhance their ability

San Marcos, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BlazePod, creator of the revolutionary Flash Reflex (FRX) training method designed to improve reaction time and performance through unique cognitive and physical exercises, today announces a new partnership with esteemed NFL trainer Jamal Liggin. The new alliance will showcase innovation in football-specific training, providing the industry a fresh outlook on the future of training through the lens of one of the most recognized reaction time performance coaches in the NFL space.

As a leader and innovator in football-specific training and overall speed and quickness training, Liggin will collaborate with BlazePod to develop innovative exercises and customized training drills specific to football athletes. The partnership will present a behind-the-scenes look into JLT Performance, Liggin’s performance training gym based in Los Angeles, and will highlight the process of customized athlete training using the FRX training program.

“The core focus areas of JLT performance training gyms align perfectly with BlazePod’s mission and the way the tool is used to train,” said Tom Judge, Head of Marketing, US. “This partnership with Jamal will help bring more awareness to the seemingly unlimited possibilities FRX training can have for athletes looking to improve.”

BlazePod is an interactive, professional training system combining physical and cognitive activities that simultaneously train the body and mind. This helps athletes improve decision-making skills, reaction time, coordination, speed, agility, and strength, which ultimately boosts performance. Vibrant touch sensor Pods are controlled by an interactive mobile app that offers a library of pre-set and customizable workouts, drills, and challenges categorized according to needs and skillset. Real-time analytics track individual performance and results to easily see progress and pinpoint areas for improvement.

“Over the course of my career, I have coached numerous top-tier athletes and created customized programs to their needs. BlazePod was the perfect tool to match my style of training as a number of unique drills can be used to improve the skills an individual is looking to work on,” said Jamal Liggin, Owner, and Founder of JLT training gym. “Partnering with BlazePod was a natural next step that allows me to further promote the FRX training tool to amplify the ability of all the athletes I train.”

Through JLT, Liggin develops custom training programs for professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and various MMA organizations, including the UFC. The JLT program focuses on four major parts; speed, strength, nutrition, and recovery. Each aspect of the training program plays a key role in the development and longevity of the client. Athletes partake in vigorous training routines on the field, in the weight room, and under the sun on the beaches of Santa Monica, California.

Link to promotional video of cornerback Joe Haden’s reaction training.

About BlazePod:

BlazePod is a robust flash-reflex training (FRX) system that targets the body’s natural response to sensory stimulations to improve speed, strength, agility, decision making, reaction time, and overall performance. Designed for any age or fitness level, the BlazePod Experience consists of vibrant visual cue Pods controlled by an interactive app and are ideal for sports and fitness training; rehabilitation and physical therapy; tactical training for emergency services, security, and military; and as a cognitive treatment for neurological disorders. The BlazePod neuro-sports cognitive performance method trains the brain to process quicker, allowing the body to reach its full physical potential and perform better in sports and everyday life.

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