The E-Gift Cards Giant GiftChill to Accept Dogecoin as Payment

GiftChill announces they are going to be accepting Dogecoin on the e-gift card platform. Adding Dogecoin benefits the millions of Dogecoin investors looking for ways to use their cryptocurrency. GiftChill has built a successful pathway for crypto investors to convert currency for use with retailers who do not accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GiftChill, the leading e-gift card platform, has announced that they have added Dogecoin as payment method. Dogecoin had a record-breaking leap when entrepreneur, Elon Musk, began tweeting about the currency in 2020. Dogecoin had originally been created as a joke, but after Musk began making tweets validating it as a legitimate form of payment, investors flocked. As a result, there are millions of crypto holders invested in Dogecoin hoping for ways to use it with retailers. GiftChill saw this opportunity and opened the door for all Dogecoin investors. Dogecoin holders can smoothly use their currency with retailers and gaming platforms like Nike, Xbox, Walmart, Amazon, and Steam. Every day GiftChill offers exciting new discounts on e-gift cards and continues to make new and exciting partnerships.

GiftChill allows crypto investors to purchase gift cards that are validated and sent via email with all additional information needed already included in the same message. Most e-gift cards have no expiration dates and can be used whenever the consumer wants to. Consumers have new discounts to choose from every day for a variety of retailers, and this method of conversion is convenient and trusted by cryptocurrency investors all over the world. GiftChill knew that in order to be successful in the e-gift card industry, people would have to be able to trust their platform, so they made security and gift card validation a priority. Dogecoin investors can all unite under GiftChill as their trusted cryptocurrency gift card conversion platform. To learn more about GiftChill discounted gift cards, you can contact

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