Root, Inc. Reveals Work Where It Works Best Principles

Company shares the evolution of its workspace experience

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Root, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROOT), a leading technology company powering insurance solutions and the parent company of Root Insurance, today shares the company’s “work where it works best” philosophy, and the future of work at Root.

After more than a year of widespread uncertainty and ambiguity for employees and companies everywhere, Root has launched a new way of working that empowers employees to determine what works best on an individual level while providing clarity for the future.

The company’s “work where it works best” philosophy focuses on the what, who, and why of work, not the where. With this philosophy, Root will continue to remain headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and is currently evaluating office space in regional hubs based on employee feedback.

“At Root, people are at the center of our company’s culture, and we bring that to life by giving them both voice and choice in where and how they work,” says Root’s Chief People Officer Michele Streitmatter. “We know our employees want and need more flexibility around how they live and work, and we are committed to continuing to learn and grow together as an organization.”

Work where it works best

Since March 2020, Root’s employees have been working remotely to prioritize safety, first and foremost. As a digital-first company, Root has the unique ability to remain nimble and empower a distributed workforce with proven productivity and collaboration.

In an effort to provide certainty and clarity in an increasingly confusing world, leaders recently began to look to the future. They recognized an incredible opportunity to be thoughtful about what the evolution of work looks like at Root by engaging in open conversations with employees.

Through those conversations between leaders and their teams, the company has learned that many employees would like to return to the office when it is safe to do so. They’ve also discovered that work and home life have new meanings, and many employees need the flexibility to work from home.

“We’ve learned that flexibility only enhances employees’ work product, in no way taking away from it,” says Streitmatter. “This new way of working allows everyone to focus on what's most critical—the what, who, and why of work, not the where.”

An evolution of the workspace

For those employees who choose to come into an office or for whom the nature of their role requires in-office work, the company realized the future of the workspace looks different, and, so, set out to provide a more inclusive strategy.

Team input will help the company understand space planning needs. When it’s safe to return, offices will have collaboration spaces, quiet zones, and social spaces. Employees who work from an office will have a dedicated space that’s socially distanced, ensuring the company continues to meet all state and local restrictions, mandates, and guidelines as they are in place.

The Root Facilities team has now evolved into the Workspace Experience team and is focused on delivering a holistic approach for all employees, whether that be a distributed solution or in the office. The team will remain committed to driving fundamental change across every aspect of the way the company works, including addressing physical and mental well-being, workspace efficiency, and technology.

“How we think about the office has forever changed, and we’re incredibly energized by the opportunities we now have to enable a shared work experience regardless of where our employees are,” says Streitmatter.

As a company committed to providing fairer insurance for our customers, it’s core to Root’s mission to provide employees with that same fairness. Allowing employees to bring their full selves to work, and to share their voices and choices, is at the foundation of Root’s culture.

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