New CUMULUS MEDIA Analysis Reveals AM/FM Radio Delivers Swing Voters Not Reached Through TV Ads

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CUMULUS MEDIA (NASDAQ: CMLS) | Westwood One’s Audio Active Group (AAG) today released a new analysis of fresh data showing how AM/FM radio reaches voters, especially light TV viewers and the all-important swing voter segment. The Audio Active Group analyzed newly released data* from multiple studies and found that AM/FM radio is an extremely effective tool for political advertising because of its mass reach, lack of political ad clutter, dominant share of ad-supported media time spent, and its unique ability to reach light TV viewers.

“Recent elections have been decided by the slimmest of margins,” said Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One. “This new study reveals AM/FM radio’s ability to generate mass reach among elusive swing voters who could make a meaningful difference in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, when all 435 representatives, 34 senators, and 39 governors will face the voters.”

Key findings from the study:

  • With the erosion of cable subscriptions, AM/FM radio generates significant incremental reach to TV buys. Among the 40% of the U.S. who do not subscribe to cable, AM/FM radio reaches millions who do not see political ads on channels like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.
  • According to Nielsen, 39% of registered voters are light TV viewers who are nearly impossible to reach on TV. AM/FM radio reaches 82% of registered voters who are light TV viewers.
  • A typical political media plan of TV, digital, and connected TV can be supercharged with the addition of AM/FM radio. Keeping the overall budget flat and shifting 20% of the budget to AM/FM radio generates meaningful growth in voter reach (79% to 91%), a +15% increase.
  • AM/FM radio has far less political clutter than television. Nielsen reports leading up to last year’s senatorial elections in Georgia, political represented one out of three TV ads in Atlanta. Political ad volumes on TV were two to three times that of AM/FM radio. Political ads on AM/FM radio stand out more and afford an unfair share of voice.
  • Among registered voters, AM/FM has a dominant 74% share of ad-supported audio and an 87% share of ad-supported audio in the car according to Edison’s “Share of Ear” study.

*Data for this analysis was compiled using the following research: Nielsen Scarborough USA+, Nielsen Ad Intel, Nielsen Media Impact, Edison Research’s “Share of Ear,” MRI-Simmons, and MoffettNathanson.

The Audio Active Group, led by Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer of CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One, partners with clients to provide media and creative strategy and business outcome measurement of their entire audio campaign.

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