The New Age of Mining: Wattum Launches Mobile Mining Containers

The New Age of Mining: Wattum Launches Mobile Mining Containers

New York, New York, United States, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As opportunities and participants in the Bitcoin world grow, so too do the barriers and regulations creating limitations for a flourishing industry. While many have contemplated ways to bypass such limitations, such as debating bills and options for relocating their mining operations, Wattum has taken the initiative it is known for to revitalize a new way of mining Bitcoin: The Wattum Crypto Container.

The Wattum Crypto Container is a mobile mining farm that offers mobility and cost-efficiency in mining like never before. With these mobile containers, built inside standard 10, 20 or 40-foot retrofitted marine structures, individual miners can make the most of their independence while enjoying between 0.31 MW (10-foot container) and 1.3 MW of total capacity (40-foot container). The mobile containers also provide cooling power at 220,000 m³/hr for 10 and 20-foot containers, and 462,000 m³/hr for 40-foot containers. They also have a plugin capacity for between 90 (10-foot container) and 360 (40-foot container) ASIC miners with 3.5 kW per ASIC. The mobile container is also fully operational at temperatures ranging from -30 to +35 degrees Celsius, with an optional vapor wall as a solution for even warmer temperatures in locations such as Texas.

However, what truly sets this piece of equipment apart is the liberty for miners to place and move it wherever they deem fit; the Wattum Crypto Container can be customized for any site and relocated to reside near the lowest-priced energy sources available, with direct support from the Wattum team. Optional smart PDUs make remote management easy, efficient, and controlled. Quick to deploy, easy to use and safe to transport, Wattum’s Crypto Container provides mobility at its finest and most accessible. Compared to that of competitors, Wattum has a shorter lead time to get you up and running as fast as possible, with the capability to produce up to 25 mining containers per month (at varying sizes) to ensure availability for customers around the world. 

The costs of researching and scoping out a location for mining containers have been known to accumulate, which is why Wattum has end-to-end solutions that are designed to support clients throughout their entire mining journey. This means their team is diverse and fully equipped to assist you in location sourcing: Wattum’s container bundle includes site inspection, as well as negotiation on your behalf with power companies to ensure the best rates available. 

Not only does this save you time, it ensures that the location of your mining container makes the most of cost-effective energy sources and local mining regulations, further saving you money and preventing any unforeseen or unwelcome surprises in the future. As if that wasn’t enough, Wattum will build, import, and transport your mining container to your final location, where their electricians provide firsthand installation in addition to training that will allow you to collaborate directly with Wattum’s remote team. 

Productive, affordable, and paving the way for innovation in the crypto industry, Wattum has kickstarted a new age in Bitcoin mining. The price of rent or the unexpected costs that can accumulate with the building out of a fully-fledged mining facility can add up (depending on its size). The Wattum Crypto Container reduces overall expenses using durable and cost-efficient materials to begin with, saving you the time, the headache, and the money. 

Smart technology is one smart decision away: Wattum Crypto Container pricing starts at $65,000 for 10-foot containers, and at $135,000 for 40-foot containers, with delivery within 2 - 4 months to get you mining as soon as possible. In addition to utilizing UL components, built-in security alarms and video surveillance ensure that your investment is safe and protected. To learn more about revitalizing your mining operations with the Wattum Crypto Container, and acquiring the high quality equipment needed to take your mining to new heights, get in touch with Wattum’s dedicated team by signing up for exclusive updates and be the first to know when their containers become available.

“Clients are always approaching us looking for the largest payout with the least amount of risk, now we’re able to offer them a complete solution with the Wattum Crypto Container. Being able to control and monitor an entire mining environment on your own without having to seek out a suitable location, lease or think about additional construction is a dream that we can finally make a reality for our customers. As a company, we’re so excited to approach this new age of crypto mining.”

  • - Arseniy Grusha, CEO Wattum


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