Virion Therapeutics, LLC Announces the Appointment of Sue Currie, Ph.D. as Chief Operating Officer

Newark, Delaware, UNITED STATES

Philadelphia PA, Nov. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Virion Therapeutics, LLC, developer of immunotherapies for cancer and chronic infectious diseases that utilize genetically encoded checkpoint modifiers to amplify and broaden CD8+ T cell responses, today announced the appointment of Sue Currie, Ph.D. as Chief Operating Officer (COO).    

Dr. Sue Currie has 20+ years of strategic, operational, and scientific leadership experience in clinical research and development programs, from the discovery phase to post-launch, with a focus on cancers and infectious diseases. Prior to joining Virion, she was Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs, at Nektar Therapeutics where she had responsibilities that included global executive and corporate leadership roles within the Company and was a core member of the Research and Development senior leadership team.  Prior to Nektar, Dr. Currie held Senior positions at Genentech/Roche and Health Interactions, the latter of which she oversaw all US Operations and a team of almost 200 persons.  She has authored numerous pivotal scientific publications in both immuno-oncology, as well as infectious diseases, including HIV, HCV, and Coinfection treatment guidelines. 

Dr. Currie received her BA&S (Hon) from University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, her MA, from University of Phoenix, Vancouver, Canada, and her PhD from University of San Francisco, San Francisco, USA. Sue brings with her a patient-centric focus to her operational and clinical leadership, from her Veterans Health Administration, academic, correctional health, and community care setting experiences.

“I am delighted to be joining the Virion Therapeutics Leadership Team and supporting its mission of designing effective CD8+ T cell-based immunotherapies to cure various infectious diseases and cancers. Virion’s novel approach of developing checkpoint modifiers, combined with target-specific antigens, through an adaptable vaccine platform has the potential to address high unmet medical needs, across a spectrum of diseases, including Hepatitis B Virus and various oncology indications,” Dr. Currie said.

Andrew Luber, Pharm.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Virion commented “We are thrilled to have Dr. Currie join us as COO at this exciting time in the Company’s history.  Sue’s extensive and diverse strategic vision and leadership experiences in immuno-oncology, Hepatitis/Infectious Diseases and clinical development will be of great value to Virion as we advance our lead VRON-0200 Chronic Hepatitis B Virus program into the clinic and expand the Company’s capabilities and infrastructure.”  Luber added “Having previously worked with Sue, I have not only seen, first hand, her work ethic and her strategic scientific and planning leadership, but also her excellent communication and organizational skills across key functions and stakeholders within and outside an organization. She will be a great asset to Virion.”


VRON-0200 is a pan genotypic, global therapeutic immunotherapy for the treatment of chronic HBV infections. It contains three unique elements: 1) highly selected and conserved regions of HBV core and polymerase optimized for maximum immune recognition of multiple genotypes; 2) a series of heterologous chimpanzee adenoviral vectors to which humans have limited pre-existing neutralizing antibodies and that belong to different serotypes thereby allowing for optimal responses after prime-boost immunizations, and 3) gD, a genetically encoded checkpoint modifier that strengthens and broadens CD8+ T cell responses.  In contrast to monoclonal antibody checkpoint inhibitor therapies, gD is locally acting and rapidly cleared which results in a low risk for “off target” side effects.  In animals, a single intramuscular injection of VRON-0200 produces potent and broad CD8+ T cell responses with sustained multi-log reductions in HBV DNA in blood.  A Phase 1b study in chronically HBV-infected patients is scheduled to begin enrollment in late 2022. 


Virion Therapeutics, LLC, is a science driven-company whose mission is to cure cancer and chronic infectious diseases through the development of novel and accessible CD8+ T cell based immunotherapies. Our proprietary technologies combine genetically encoded checkpoint modifiers with selected and optimized target-specific antigens that are inserted into viral vectors to promote potent, prolonged, and broad CD8+ T cell responses. Founded in early 2018 to advance technology licensed from The Wistar Institute, an international leader in biomedical research with special expertise in vaccine, cancer and infectious disease research, Virion has built a best-in-class, experienced biotechnology management team, augmented by its advisory board that has extensive domain knowledge in antiviral, vaccine, and oncology therapeutic arenas.


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