Loom Drives Millions of New Users, Significant Team Growth in 2021

The company added two new offices and several key leadership hires in 2021 amidst major funding and product milestones

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Loom, the video communication platform for async work, today shared significant customer growth alongside important product, team, and company momentum. Users have recorded more than 58 million Looms in 2021 to-date, driven by millions of new user sign-ups and hundreds of thousands of new businesses adopting the async video platform. Loom is building out two new offices in New York and San Francisco as optional workspaces for its remote-first team now numbering more than 170. The leadership team also welcomed key hires this year, including Rebecca Kline as Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sharrifah Lorenz as Senior Director of Business Development, and Christina Nguyen White as Senior Director of Design & Research.

“We started 2021 riding the wave of demand fueled by last year’s remote work acceleration, and the number of people who rely on Loom to communicate, knowledge-share, and express themselves at work only continues to grow,” said Joe Thomas, Loom Co-founder and CEO. “The behavior change we’re seeing is a result of users recognizing the potential for asynchronous video to unlock connection and collaboration. We’re making these investments in our product and team today so we can continue delivering the most seamless way to use async video at work.”

Kline joined Loom in 2021 after serving in leadership roles including GM and VP of Growth at PagerDuty and Chief Marketing Officer MalwareBytes. She brings decades of experience scaling go-to-market strategies to her role as SVP Marketing overseeing Loom’s marketing and growth operations. Lorenz joined Loom after serving as Asana’s head of partnerships. As Senior Director of Business Development, Lorenz drives Loom’s growth initiatives, including scaling via technology and distribution partnerships and driving awareness with the loomSDK. White joined Loom this month following her role as Head of User Experience for Google Sheets and co-UX lead for Editors suite in Google Workspace. At Loom, White is leading the design organization that puts the user at the center, shaping the product roadmap to deliver a delightful, humanized next wave of communication.

The company delivered on an ambitious product roadmap throughout 2021, including the launch of loomSDK which makes it easy to implement Loom’s fast, seamless, and reliable video messaging infrastructure within web applications and enterprise platforms in less than a day. Partners like InVision, Netlify, and Upwork Inc. are already leveraging loomSDK to improve user communication across their platforms. Loom also launched highly requested features and products including transcriptions, closed captioning, filler word removal, and an Android app – making Loom valuable for even more use cases at work. The company continued to drive innovation with the release of instant trimming (patent pending), which will enable sophisticated functionality like highlight reels, voice filters, and more. Finally, Loom doubled down on delighting users with cam backgrounds, customizable canvases, and themed cam bubble frames.

Loom’s user, product, and team momentum comes on the heels of major business milestones including a $130 million Series C financing led by Andreessen Horowitz in May 2021. Additional investors include Coatue, Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Iconiq, and General Catalyst.

"We believe Loom's continued momentum shows adoption of asynchronous communication wasn't just a moment in time; it's here to stay. Startups and large enterprises alike are embracing async video as an integral, permanent channel for collaboration, productivity, and human connection," said Thomas Laffont, co-founder of Coatue. "Today's hybrid workplaces require solutions that not only scale across global teams, but also ones that provide better, faster communication. We are excited by what Loom has built, and we look forward to supporting them in their mission of becoming an essential communication platform for work."

To learn more about Loom and why 14M+ users across 200,000+ companies use async video, visit www.loom.com.

About Loom
Loom is the video communication platform for async work that helps companies communicate better at scale. Loom makes it easy to record quick videos of your screen and camera and instantly share them with a link. More than 14M users across more than 200k companies around the world trust Loom to share feedback, updates, intros, training, and more – every day. Founded in late 2015, Loom has raised $203M from world-class investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Iconic, and Coatue. To learn more please visit www.loom.com

Emily Busse