Wattum Expands Bitcoin Mining into Niagara Falls

Wattum Expands Bitcoin Mining into Niagara Falls

New York, New York, United States, Nov. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Situated in one of the best areas of North America for Bitcoin mining, with excess power entering the grid from natural resources, Wattum has acquired a new colocation property in Niagara Falls, New York. 

Wattum has decided to become its own landlord, buying land next to available power and providing hosting services for their clients and partners to do Bitcoin mining. Planning to open their new location with 5MW by the end of 2021, Wattum is looking to grow this location to power as much as 50MW per month shortly thereafter.

To accommodate the growth of their business, Wattum has expanded their sales team and have begun sourcing their own brand of Wattum Containers and Wattum Transformers to meet the new demands of their clients and partners at the new facility. With safety, efficiency and due diligence at top of mind, Wattum Containers are being made by a reputable manufacturer that has met all US electric code requirements and have deployed over 50MW of containers over the last 3 years. With the same high manufacturing standards in place, Wattum Transformers are manufactured by General Electric, with over 2000MW of similar transformers already deployed in North America.

“We are incredibly pleased to be expanding our mining operations once again, with the additional offering of our new Bitcoin mining containers, and are even more excited that we get to expand our service offerings to a wider range of clients and partners. Wattum’s move into Niagara Falls is indicative of our team's hard work, but also of the strong relationships we continue to build with innovators throughout our industry.”

  • - Arseniy Grusha (CEO, Wattum)

More About Wattum

WATTUM is your partner in providing reputable macro management in crypto mining and ensuring trusted provision of software solutions, firmware, mining equipment, mining pool opportunities, mobile mining containers and mining farm hosting and management. We work remotely and on-site, offering full management for mining operations in North America and worldwide which are supported by an expert team equipped to supply instant troubleshooting, equipment monitoring, and miner optimization at any mining facility.

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