HeroesTD to Launch HTD - The Main Token of Its GameFi Ecosystem


Singapore, Nov. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CG STUDIO PTE. LTD., After the successful IDO Countdown event with over 40 thousand viewers, HeroesTD will officially conduct HTD token public sales. The launch is scheduled to occur on November 28, 2021 on BSC Station, Kaistarter, Launchzone, MEXC, ONUS, and HeroesTD DApp. The whitelist campaign has been running from November 19, providing a variety of ways for users to qualify for the public sale.

“We are thrilled to wait for the upcoming launch of HTD token, as the culmination of the dedicated hard work of the HeroesTD team and our partners”, said Phong Dinh, COO of HeroesTD. “Our goal is to create an in-game economy as well as lots of fun and interesting ways to earn while playing.”

HTD is the main token underpinning the HeroesTD ecosystem. It can be used for in-game activities and purchase assets on the Marketplace. Players earn HTD from participating in Play-to-Earn game modes. HeroesTD will provide investors further incentives to invest in its HTD token through farming and staking rewards, which will be announced soon. Moreover, the securities in code and the design of HeroesTD smart contract are audited by Verichains Lab to better protect the project and investors. “The HTD token will be the key driver of HeroesTD game adoption and the democratized economy that we dreamed up,” the team added.

Besides, HeroesTD has entered into partnerships with lots of large investors and partners, such as Bunicorn, Senspark Ventures, and Kardia Ventures. This project has especially received encouragement from famous international influencers like Michael Owen and Fabrizio Romano. With the solid support from both partners and the community, HeroesTD is expected to become one of the greatest GameFi projects, as well as to promote the rapid development of game and blockchain combination to build a next-generation Heroes Metaverse.

About HeroesTD

HeroesTD is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn game, where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend their bases. The game is developed by CG Studio (Singapore) – a team of game producers with a decade of experience and products that have captured the interest of millions of players global wide. With HeroesTD, players can play to earn, create new unique NFT content, trade NFT content with other players to get real money, and most importantly, have a lot of fun.

Learn more about HeroesTD at

Website: https://heroestd.io/

Docs: https://docs.heroestd.io/

Contact information: hi@cgstudio.org


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