Lucira's at Home Molecular Tests Can Detect Omicron (B.1.1.529) SARS CoV-2 Variant of Concern

  • Lucira assessment confirms COVID-19 Check-It (OTC) and All-In-One (Rx) molecular self-test kits' ability to detect 100% of Omicron variant genome sequences analyzed
  • Lucira assays target viral sequence regions unaffected by the spike protein mutations found in Omicron, Delta and other Variants of Concern
  • Lucira's tests are the only EUA Authorized, at home self-test kits that deliver PCR quality accuracy and early detectability in a single-use, all-in-one kit with results in 30 minutes or less

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Nov. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lucira Health, Inc. ("Lucira Health," "Lucira" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: LHDX), a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of transformative and innovative infectious disease test kits, announced that its Lucira Check-It (OTC) and All-In-One (Rx) Test Kits can detect Omicron (B.1.1.529), a SARS CoV-2 Variant of Concern.

Lucira Health performs ongoing surveillance of emerging SARS-CoV-2 strains by assessing reactivity against sequence databases. Lucira's evaluation of the Omicron variant (B.1.1.529) demonstrated that Lucira's COVID-19 assay can detect 100% of genome sequences of this variant available in the GISAID database as of November 26, 2021. This confirmation is consistent with previously identified variants including Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and other sequences that the Company has assessed.

"While there is still a lot to learn about the Omicron variant, the ability to detect circulating strains is fundamental to help slow the virus spread," said Debkishore Mitra, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Lucira Health. "This is why our team is relentlessly assessing newly available genetic sequences against our test."

Dr. Mitra continued, "We selected our assay targets to maximize accuracy and to help ensure the assay would hold up in the face of mutations in the spike protein and other fast-evolving genomic regions. We're proud to share it's done exactly that to date, with reactivity to 99.9% of known COVID-19 virus strains."

"At Lucira, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between rapid antigen tests that can't reliably detect infection before symptoms and lab-based PCR tests that can be difficult to access and take days to deliver results," added Erik Engelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lucira Health. "We believe our tests' unique ability to deliver PCR-quality results in less than 30 minutes at home make it the test of choice to enable travel, return-to-work, and gathering with family and friends for individuals and companies around the world."

Accurate, easy to use

The LUCIRA™ CHECK IT COVID-19 test kit is designed to deliver PCR quality molecular accuracy in 30 minutes or less at home. Each single-use test kit contains everything needed to conduct one COVID-19 test. It was designed and tested extensively for individuals to use independently and does not require a physician's prescription or supervised assistance. There is no additional equipment such as a reader or instrument to purchase.

In clinical trials, 100% of users successfully performed the test at home in about two minutes using Lucira's easy-to-use 'swab, stir and detect' CHECK IT test kit.

Molecular tests are more sensitive than antigen tests because they amplify critical parts of the viral target. The targeted, molecular amplification that LUCIRA™ CHECK IT and PCR tests employ makes them demonstrably more reliable than "rapid" antigen tests, which can miss active COVID-19 infections.

In a Community Trial setting, LUCIRA™ CHECK IT results were compared with the Hologic Panther Fusion, considered a high-sensitivity molecular test due to its low Limit of Detection ("LOD"). Lucira's accuracy was 98%, detecting 385 out of 394 positive and negative samples correctly when compared to the Hologic Panther Fusion, and excluding ten samples with very low levels of virus (those with very high PCR cycle thresholds of 37.5 or greater) that possibly no longer represented active infection. Comparative positive results agreed 97% of the time among this sample, and negative results agreed 98% of the time..


The LUCIRA™ CHECK IT test kit fits in the palm of a hand, extracts genetic material from the virus and amplifies it similar to PCR lab tests. Each Lucira test kit contains everything needed to run one COVID-19 test. Users get the test device, two AA batteries, sample vial, swab and simple one-page instructions. The batteries are inserted into the device and the sample vial is placed in the test unit. The user then opens the test swab packet and rotates the swab in each nostril five times. The swab is then stirred in the sample vial, which is then gently pressed into the test unit to start the test. The "ready" light will blink until a "positive" or "negative" green light is illuminated within 30 minutes. Lucira also offers a free LUCI PASSTM digital verified test result back to a user's phone. LUCI is accessed via text and does not require downloading an app. There is also an opt-in for public health reporting for users who wish to transmit their results to the relevant public health authorities.

Lucira's identical, prescription product is also available for sale to healthcare providers at

About Lucira Health

Lucira is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of transformative and innovative infectious disease test kits. Lucira's testing platform produces lab quality molecular testing in a single-use, consumer-friendly, palm-size test kit powered by two AA batteries. Lucira designed its test kits to provide accurate, reliable, and on-the-spot molecular test results anywhere and at any time. The LUCIRA™ CHECK IT COVID-19 Test Kit (OTC) and LUCIRA™ COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit (Rx) are designed to provide a clinically relevant COVID-19 result within 30 minutes from sample collection. For more information, visit

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