Safety Marking Inc. Encourages CDL Endorsements

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Safety Marking believes in providing their employees with the tools they need to succeed in the pavement marking industry. Although not a requirement for every role, all road crew employees are strongly encouraged to acquire a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Furthermore, CDL holders are rewarded for obtaining HazMat and Tanker endorsements.  

"Obtaining your CDL, and adding the HazMat and Tanker endorsements, is one of the most beneficial career moves you can make as an employee at Safety Marking. It dramatically increases your value by making you eligible to drive any one of the more than 150 vehicles in the fleet. That versatility is indispensable to the Operations team when planning and scheduling,” explains Dominic Berarducci, Head of the Epoxy Department.

These endorsements make a professional driver much more capable and valuable by diversifying the types of vehicles the driver can operate. Additionally, the employee is recognized for their dedication and perseverance as passing the tests is not an easy one-time task.

Richard Pratt, long line epoxy shooter who attained both Tanker and HazMat endorsements earlier this year, states, “I saw the value in all three (CDL, Tanker, HazMat) and made it a goal to enhance my knowledge and abilities and enrich my career. It was not easy to balance family, work, and studying. Now, with all three credentials, I am more capable and better prepared for my future.”

Skill enhancement and increased ability is always beneficial to the employee and the employer. At Safety Marking, skill development and career growth are part of our Learning Academy Initiatives along with advanced on-the-job training (OJT) that enriches the employee’s career and further strengthens their overall performance.

Daniel King, Manager of Learning and Development, states, “Employees that pursue further education in their field are building a lasting foundation. With knowledge comes competence and confidence. There is a great deal more to pavement marking than one might imagine. The more capable we are as individuals the more effective our crews will be. When employees choose to grow, push their limits, customers, colleagues, and the company all benefit.”   

For Crew Leaders and Laborers, obtaining a CDL with Tanker and HazMat endorsements has many advantages. It makes you a more desirable driver because you can transport more types of loads. Steve Conlogue, HSE Manager, shares, Holding a CDL, with Tanker & HazMat, is important to continued development at Safety Marking. Once earned, these endorsements are yours, you own them, and should be proud to have them. If you haven't already made the choice to take the next step, Safety Marking is here to help achieve your goals.”

Mark Kelly of Easton CT, Safety Marking Inc.’s Founder and President, understands the role of health and safety in pavement marking. Mr. Kelly believes in employee learning and development across all job descriptions on every level, for the future success of the team and for the overall success of the company.

For more information about Mark Kelly, Safety Marking Inc.’s Founder, and their Safety Program, visit the company website at

About Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly is the Founder and President of Safety Marking, Inc. He started the company in 1973 as a small family-owned striping business servicing Fairfield County, Connecticut. He instilled in it his values of accountability, teamwork, and integrity and managed to redefine the marketplace by setting the industry standard with premium products and services. Mark Kelly’s dedication resulted in Safety Marking Inc. becoming a pavement marking leader, providing top-notch services in New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

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